How do you feel about nostalgia?

Do you play games to have fun? O do you play just to experience something new and then move on? For the former, do you mind if a game is all about fun and easily enjoyable scenarios you would like to revisit? Or do you prefer games that are cold, calculating, and consumable like a typical Hollywood blockbuster?

Did you know that Knack was designed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan? Did you know that it was directed by renown designer and hardware architect Mark Cerny? Did you also know that Knack represents a complete throwback to the first two Crash Bandicoot games on the original PlayStation, with a strong focus on beat 'em up gameplay?

Do you like beat 'em up games? Do you enjoy beat 'em up games with light platforming elements, some challenging but doable puzzles, and a delightfully well thought out and directed story?

How do you feel about games that borrow colorful themes and elements from kid-friendly cartoons and classic Japanese media such as Mega-Man? Do you like Mega-Man and his creator Dr. Light?

Is it enticing playing a game where there are traces of Warhammer 40,000 in the first boss fight, while also opening up a wealth of challenge in both gameplay and concept?

Do boss fights need to be entertaining, and if they are, is it enough to make you want to keep playing?

Coupling entertaining bosses with sprinkles of linear platforming and hints of original character properties seems fun, no?

Are graphics important?

If graphics are important, do rich atmospheres and an enticing palette of uniquely designed characters, along with fresh enemies and environments, make up for less-than-stellar textures and aliasing?

Could some graphical flaws be overlooked if the game managed to keep you visually engaged by changing up some gameplay elements, such as imitating old Japanese Godzilla movies with giant monsters tearing up the city, and allow for players to join in on the fun?

Would you be willing to ignore objects and in-game debris clearing up less than five seconds after they're created due to all the physics-based destruction that players can roll out when they super-size into a Hulk-sized Knack?

Speaking of sizes... how does a character with varying degrees of size and girth tickle your fancy? Do you like being challenged by playing a small and fragile character, who sometimes gets to participate in nail-biting stealth segments as a glass-based incarnation of himself? Is it equally challenging, in your mind, to be able to destroy enemies who fire lasers, lob bombs, use shields and attempt to capture you while you tower over them as a 15-foot tall monster?

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