Why Destiny's Developer Just Hired This Reddit User

Do something you’re passionate about and there’s no telling where that might take you. For one reddit curator, being passionate about Destiny has landed them a job as a community manager at Bungie.

Announced through the Bungie blogs, Destiny veteran DeeJ introduced the community to Cozmo, the newest addition to the player-wrangling team.

“As always, when we’re faced with a challenge, we look to the community for inspiration,” DeeJ said. He wasn’t kidding, either, as Bungie’s latest hire came directly from that passionate community of Destiny fans. Cozmo was brought on to serve as a community manager alongside DeeJ, helping maintain a direct line between players and developers as the legion of Guardians continues to grow.

“I come to Bungie by way of the Destiny subreddit,” Cozmo said. “I’m leaving that in the hands of a great team I worked with for years to create a space on the internet for discussion about Destiny.”

Being passionate about that gratis gig led to Bungie discovering Cozmo and deciding to offer them a job to basically keep up the same work, only on an official level and, you know, getting a paycheck for doing it.

According to Cozmo, they’ll serve as a sort of elected (minus the election) official for the players, bringing the concerns of the community to the developers and vice versa. Their job will also include simply keeping the community active and giving Destiny fans new ways to interact.

“My job is to be your voice, or at the very least your interpreter, filtering the firehoe of information on Bungie.net—as well as on social media,” Cozmo explains. “I’ll also be empowering all of you to keep creating the great community content that we all enjoyed throughout year one.”

So while players sling a constant barrage of feedback at the Bungie team, part of Cozmo’s job will be to collect it, find trends and legitimate concerns/praise, and filter what appears to be the more significant stuff to the team.

Cozmo goes on to joke that, as their first act as Community Manager, they’ll be securing Gjallarhorns for everyone, one of Destiny’s rarest and most coveted weapons. See, you had my support until you went and made that joke, Cozmo. I’m fine with having my emotions toyed with, but not when it comes to that most elusive of rocket launchers.

Anyway, for fans of DeeJ, he assures fans that he’s not going anywhere. Instead, he and Cozmo will be working as a team in the community manager position, as Destiny’s fanbase has simply spiraled into something far too big for a single person to work with.

So, if you’re passionate about a game (or games in general), remember to be a good member of the community and share your talents. There’s no telling where it might lead.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.