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Michael Ironside has been the bad-ass voice of Splinter Cell protagonist Sam Fisher since the beginning of the series. He almost didn't come back for a fifth game, though.

"I wasn’t interested in doing it because structurally the way the character was built was that I thought 'I don’t want to do this,"' Ironside told Collider . "And [Ubisoft] asked what was wrong and I said 'Well, he is too monochromatic. There isn’t enough humanity in the character. There is no conflict underneath his decisions.'"

Though Ironside "didn’t think we could take [the series] any farther," he said Ubisoft won him over with their plans for Splinter Cell Conviction. "They came back at me with a fresh look at the character and a new way of doing things and the new artwork."

Conviction was supposed to arrive next month but was recently delayed to April.

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