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Coming in second to only the Nintendo 3DS XL, the top selling platform and best selling home console in the weekly Japanese sales charts according to new market data. Do you know what this means? It means that the Big 'N' is still in it to win it and they're still kicking butt and taking names, in spite of all the doom and gloom talk surrounding the company.

US Gamer picked up the news from Japanese-centric niche site Gematsu, where the Media Create numbers rolled out and the sales charts battlegrounds showed some explicit results.

While the 3DS (XL) dominated the sales charts in Japan, both in hardware and software with Sega's Hatsune Miku: Project Mirai 2 leading the way, the Wii U was the home console that had the best selling game of the week... Super Mario 3D World , with 39,812 SKUs sold. Oh yeah, that's right, remember that's the same game that was dubbed as a “failure”.

Just last week Siliconera did a breakdown of why Super Mario 3D World wasn't quite on par to previous Mario outings on Nintendo handhelds, but in the same vein it looks like the latest Mario title is still outpacing the previous-gen offerings from rival competitors.

On the sales charts, behind Super Mario 3D World is Tecmo Koei's Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends for the PS3, followed by Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag for the PS3, rounding out the third-place in the home console software war, with 35,348 SKUs moved.

Basically, Nintendo has bounced back and taken over the sales charts (portable or otherwise) like Rocky bounced back to beat every single one of his opponents in the non-good Rocky movies.

If Iwata and crew can continue to filtrate the market with quality titles and do what they do best, they'll continue to edge up and edge out the competition like generations passed.

Even though the Wii U has been outstripped and outsold in the UK by the PS4 and Xbox One, it still has a stranglehold on the North American and Asian markets.

While a lot of gamers, pundits, insiders, analysts and back-alley rumor mongers like a certain mister in the media, would like to put down and kick out the Wii U like a crippled dog in front of a Chinese meat vendor stand, the reality is that Nintendo is the meat vendor and Sony and Microsoft are still the dogs sitting doe-eyed in front of them.

With nearly 4 million units spread across the globe as their install base, Nintendo doesn't need to worry too much, as they still have thrown as the current champion of the eighth generation of home console gaming.

Of course, the stats are starting to show that Sony and the PS4 are catching up to the Big 'N' quicker than debt mounting onto a Hollywood celebrity's coke addiction, but for now Nintendo sits comfortably in the lead and they'll continue to do so until both the Xbox One and PS4 launch in Japan early in 2014.

Hang on Nintendo... just hang in there until your killer apps arrive... you can do it...

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