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Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will launch this summer across 190 countries in 111 different languages. The enterprise software brand has been consumed by more than 1.5 billion computer users from around the world, and Microsoft is hoping to increase that number with the release of Windows 10.

Over on the Windows blog, the news went live noting that a second quarter, 2015 release seems to be the launch window for the latest operating system.

The post goes on to celebrate the inclusion of Windows Hello into the fold, an all new biometric reader similar to Apple's iPhone fingerprint scan or the Xbox Kinect's face-reader, where secure bio-registered data will activate your Windows 10 device. As noted on the blog...
“Windows Hello* will make Windows 10 more personal by providing instant access to your devices through biometric authentication – using your face, iris or fingerprint to unlock your devices – with technology that is significantly safer than traditional passwords. We’re working closely with our hardware partners to deliver Windows Hello-capable devices that will ship with Windows 10.”

In addition to all the word waxing, Microsoft also let loose a new video promo for Windows 10 that you can check out below.

One thing I thought interesting is that the blog lightly touches on gaming with Windows 10... but not in the way that you think. Microsoft is excited about the new OS for today's generation of gaming but not in the home console space.

The blog points out that Microsoft and Tencent – one of the largest online software publishers and distributors in the world – have partnered together where Tencent will offer Windows 10 as a free upgrade to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 owners. This is further described in a video celebrating the collaboration between the publisher of Monster Hunter Online, Crossfire and the Chinese rendition of League of Legends.

Tencent has a reach of hundreds of millions of customers, and is a company that is constantly seeing massive growth as they keep acquiring big new IP and distributing licensed property throughout the eastern region.

And that's as far as the gaming mentions go in the blog.

If you're thinking they're missing something it's because they are. There's not one mention of the Xbox or the Xbox One.

Strangely Microsoft's eighth-gen console is put on the back-burner despite a huge part of Windows 10's hype in the gaming scene has been centered around the operating system's capabilities to sync with the Xbox One through the new Xbox app. This also enables gamers on Windows 10 PCs to stream Xbox One games, and further down the line they hope to reverse that feature so Xbox One gamers can stream Windows 10 games.

Even though the Xbox One wasn't part of the big announcement for the new operating system's launch window, I do imagine that Microsoft will make Windows 10 gaming a big part of their E3 conference this June.

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