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Curious about what sort of graphical changes will be at the forefront of The Witcher 2? How about the new independent object-oriented physics system? Well, CD Projekt unveils a lot of new changes to the game in a new developer documentary.

The game isn’t just a sequel, it’s running on new proprietary tech designed from the ground-up by CD Projekt, not just for The Witcher 2 but for RPGs in general. The tools and engine design was all overhauled after the release of the first game in order to support a real-time dynamic lighting system in place of preset light maps. New physics-based game components were added for player and non-player characters, and other small and large additions have been made to the engine in order to immerse players further into the story unlike anything else coming to the market.

Of course, the most important aspect of the game and the one feature that left many gamers’ jaws on the floor was not talked about in the developer documentary. And yes, I’m talking about the combat system. Nevertheless, there’s plenty of time from now up until the release of the game for the devs to disclose what new changes have been made to the combat.

You can check out the new dev doc below or visit the Official Witcher Website to learn more about the game.

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