The Witcher 3 Opening Cinematic Puts Yennefer Front And Center

CD Projekt RED Has released the official opening cinematic sequence for The Witcher 3. The game is still a ways off and not due for release until early 2015, but the cinematic trailer gives a decent overview of what drives Geralt of Rivia in the early goings of the game.

The trailer gives a two-fold account of a situation that centers around the raven-haired, porcelain-skinned sorceress, Yennefer. The situation starts off with a rather brutish ruffian beheading a horse (PETA must have freaked at that scene) and unsaddling the rider in the process. The rider turns out to be none other than Yennefer – coming across as somewhat pensive and frigidity in the sequence – as she uses an enchanted raven to skull-phuck the brute through his eye (Srdjan Spasojevic would be proud).

Using his keen sense of “I can't believe this kind of badassedness just transpired here”, Geralt is impressed with the results of the brute's Mortal Kombat-style fatality in his timeline of events. The flashbacks eventually showcase Yennefer in the very middle of a battle that she narrowly escapes by creating a sort of Earthy rock conclave to protect her from the oncoming forces.

If you're not familiar with the books the whole thing is likely one big “WTF? That was kind of cool but I have no idea what I just watched” moment.

The opening cinematic also doesn't do much to explain the game, but that's what all the pre-release promo trailers are for. More than anything, using opening cinematic sequences are only good for amping up people who are already excited for the game and those who are geeked about the upcoming title.

I think The Witcher 3 on its own is shaping up to be an interesting game, more-so for its story and characterization than its actual gameplay mechanics. Right now the one action-RPG that really has my attention is CI Games and Deck 13's Lords of the Fallen, but The Witcher 3 at least looks like a solid entry into the RPG fold.

One of the biggest complaints about the first two The Witcher games was that the combat wasn't properly tuned for the newbs. I don't know how much easier they're making the combat in The Witcher 3 but they're definitely putting more time and effort into making sure that there are options for players who don't like playing using one specific method or tactic.

The only thing left for CD Projekt now is to make an official announcement on the specs for the game. I'm going to call it now: 1080p at 30fps for the PS4 if they optimize it well, and 900p at 30fps on the Xbox One... if they can optimize well. If they opt not to make any sacrifices I'm going with a 900p at 30fps on the PS4 and 792p at 30fps on the Xbox One.

You can learn more by paying a visit to the game's official website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.