Witcher 3 Pre-Loading Now Available On PC And Xbox One

If you want to pre-load The Witcher 3 for home consoles and PC, you can. PC gamers can start pre-loading the game right now through GOG Galaxy and Steam. CD Projekt Red is also allowing console gamers through Xbox Live and PSN to pre-load the game as well.

Gamers were first notified about the pre-loading via the official Twitter account for The Witcher. They note that PS4 pre-loading isn't ready just yet, though:

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Additionally, it's mentioned over on the official GOG.com website (opens in new tab) where GOG rolls out the details on the pre-loading for The Witcher 3. Over on the website they note exactly what you'll get if you decide to use the pre-load option, saying...

“The preload includes subtitles in every language and full English voiceovers. Once the game is live, you'll have the option to download an additional ~3GB language pack with voiceovers in your preferred language.”

A 3GB language pack? That's pretty massive.

The Witcher 3's first major review was carried out by Conan O'Brien, covering some of the game's content and gameplay mechanics. Conan's major focus was on the sexy time aspects of The Witcher 3 so it's not really the best representation for a fair look at the game, but there are plenty of trailers going out and Let's Play videos starting to appear to give gamers a nice look at the game.

Gamers who pre-load the game for home consoles and PC will be able to start playing the game starting May 18th next week in certain regions.

According to GamesIndustry.biz, The Witcher 3 has already garnered more than a million pre-orders. This is fairly significant because it means that gamers are all-in on The Witcher 3 and despite a lot of the “no pre-order” rules that some gamers have, apparently enough of them have put trust in CD Projekt Red to throw their weight behind the upcoming open-world RPG by laying down some trust into the pre-order option.

The game itself sees Geralt on a quest to find Ciri, sort of seen as his surrogate daughter. She's also viewed as being one of the most powerful witchers within the monster hunting order.

The game boasts a minimum of 25 hours of gameplay and some have labeled it as having up to 200 hours of replayability.

There are a number of mini-games present, including partaking in horse races scattered throughout the game world. Fist fights, wooing ladies and fighting monsters also make up a large portion of the gameplay.

While there have been some debates on The Witcher 3's graphics on the home consoles and that it may have received a sizable downgrade compared to the demonstration video from 2013, most people seem to believe that the downgrade claims don't hold as much weight against the game, as opposed to say Watch Dogs, which underwent a massive transformation. It's something that many gamers have not let Ubisoft live down since the original E3 demo that had a lot of people hyped up for the open-world hacktion game.

The Witcher 3 is scheduled to release on home consoles and PC next week on May 19th. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website. If you purchased a digital copy of the game for home consoles and PC you can begin the pre-loading process to start loading the game ahead of its official release.

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