During the PlayStation 4 reveal, one of Sony's big messages was that the company wanted to make its upcoming console a place to call home for independent developers. To help drive this point home, Thekia, Inc. President Jonathan Blow took the stage to show off his small studio's upcoming title, The Witness. Now Blow is back in the spotlight, revealing why he likes working as an indie developer in the latest Conversations with Creators feature.

Most of us know Jonathan Blow from his hugely successful first offering, Braid. Now that pretty much everyone on every platform has had a chance to enjoy that time-twisting romp, Thekia, Inc. is back in action on the new game front, this time introducing its open world puzzle game, The Witness.

In the latest Conversations with Creators video, Blow talks about his relationship with Sony and his reasons to stay an independent developer; trumpeting the creative freedom and lack of outside influences as major reasons for keeping his focus on a small team with big ideas.

The team's upcoming PlayStation 4 offering looks a lot like the classic PC game, Myst, looking to offer a large world to explore with creative puzzles tucked around every corner. Blow says that, at its core, The Witness will function as a great puzzle game for those who are looking for that type of an experience. But he also promises that there are messages and meanings hidden under the surface, ready to be discovered and pondered by players who are willing to dig a little deeper.

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