World Of Warcraft: Helms Now Being Sold For Real-World Money

Blizzard has expanded the microtransactions for World of Warcraft today. Players can purchase three impressive helms through the Blizzard Store for $15 apiece.

No, Blizzard isn't selling epics. These items are merely cosmetic and don't have any stats. They're intended to simply replace the appearance of your current helm. You can use these headpieces to transmogrify cloth, leather, mail, or plate headgear. You can see screenshots of each helm below.

The helms on sale are the Crown of Eternal Winter, Jewel of the Firelord, and Hood of Hungering Darkness. Here's Blizzard's official description of each:

Crown of Eternal WinterRecovered from the frozen battlefields of Northrend, the Crown of Eternal Winter enshrouds your character in an icy visage of death. Now you can adopt the look of an elite member of the Scourge, but without the inconvenience of undying bondage in the service of the Lich King.Jewel of the FirelordSalvaged from the remains of the fallen minions of Ragnaros the Firelord, this helm sets you apart as a glowing beacon on an otherwise crowded battlefield. Where’s the rally point? How about by that guy with the RAW ELEMENTAL FIRE emanating from his forehead?Hood of Hungering DarknessForged from Fel Iron and shrouded in flames, the Hood of Hungering Darkness is a remnant of a rare dark magic only practiced by the warlocks of the Shadow Council. The lingering curse that keeps this headpiece burning is thought to be harmless, but feign demonic possession once you adorn it and see who dares to believe otherwise.

Blizzard plans to release two more items through the Blizzard Store soon. The first is a Seesaw that two players can hop on. The other object coming to the store is an Iron Hitching Post that allows up to 25 players to summon their own Iron Warhorse mount.

The helms are the first in-game items to be sold through the Blizzard Store that aren't mounts or pets. It's a sign of Blizzard's renewed attention to microtransactions. Blizzard confirmed earlier this month that players will be able to buy the Blizzard Store wares within the game soon as well.

At present, players can only buy cosmetic items but that will soon change. Blizzard is planning to sell "convenience" items in some territories as well. One example is an elixir that makes you level faster.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.