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Today World of Warcraft players can start testing Patch 5.2, the next major content update for the MMORPG. Patch 5.2 is available on the public testing realm for all current subscribers.

Patch 5.2 offers up plenty of content to the solo gamer. The new daily quest hub, The Isle of Thunder King, provides both PvE and PvP tasks to players. The next step of Wrathion's legendary questline will test their skill in the depths of the Thunder King's palace and reward the worthy with a new head enhancement. Anyone looking for a more peaceful pursuit can purchase Farmer Yoon's farm and complete work orders for factions.

Raiding guilds will have plenty to look forward to as well. The Throne of Thunder includes 12 new boss fights that offer fresh loot. Throne will be playable in Raid Finder difficulty but split into four wings for that difficulty. The patch also adds two new bosses, Nalak the Storm Lord and Oondasta.

The patch comes with the usual assortment of class changes as well. These include new abilities. For example, a new Glyph of Liberation for Hunters will heal them for 5% whenever they use Disengage. The brand-new Monk talent Ring of Peace will silence and disarm all enemies in an 8 yard radius.

The full patch notes can be found here. You can download the public test realm client by logging into and checking the Account Management page.


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