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The indie developers making games for Xbox Live have banded together to release some top notch indie titles throughout the winter and you can find out what’s new, what’s hot and what’s not. XBLA Fans will be covering the XBLIG Winter Uprising event, featuring previews, reviews and regular coverage of the games that hit Xbox Live.

As stated in the news post regarding the extension of the Indie Games Winter Uprising, Ross Adams wrote…
We here at XBLAFans are passionate in our feeling that the Indie Games section deserves more recognition than it currently receives. As such we have created this hub for the games that will be included in the Uprising. Here you’ll find a brief description of the games, a link to the developers website, screenshots, trailers, pricing (if available), and for those games already released there will be download links and reviews.

Some of the games from the event are what you might expect from an indie circuit, however, a few of the titles are kind of eye-catching, such as the visually stimulating Radiangames Crossfire 2 and the gorgeous platforming title, Chu’s Destiny. It’s kind of sad these games don’t get more exposure and recognition but hey, that’s what gaming sites are for, right?

You can learn more about the Xbox Live Indie Games Winter Uprising Event and some of the games highlighted throughout the month, along with screenshots, previews, reviews and coverage by checking out the complete game hub over at XBLA Fans.

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