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The Xbox 360 continues to evolve into your living room's one-stop shop for all forms of entertainment, today launching the Flixster app for Live subscribers in the U.S.

Announced through Major Nelson's Blog, the Flixster app is pretty much exactly like all of those other video services you have available on the Xbox 360, but more options never hurt anybody, right?

“Flixster lets you buy and rent thousands of popular movies, check out show times at your local theater and access the latest fresh or rotten movie scores from Rotten Tomatoes,” reads the statement. “The Flixstar app also gives you access to your UltraViolet movie collection on your Xbox.”

That last feature might actually be the most appealing for those of you who feel like you already have enough ways to enjoy movies and television on your home console. Whether you've purchased a physical movie with an UltraViolet copy included or purchased the UltraViolet version standalone, you can now stream that virtual content directly to your Xbox 360. Not bad.

It seems like Microsoft has been gung ho to make the Xbox 360 a hub for basically every type of streaming service on the planet this past year. Perhaps we're seeing a warm up session for what we can expect out of the next console? It sure would be nice if all of these apps came baked in to whatever piece of hardware the Big M has coming down the pipeline.