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It’s another week, so that means it’s time for yet another piping hot serving of Deals with Gold, brought to you by your local Xbox console. This week’s focus is PopCap games, so expect shambling zombies, glittering jewels and balls bouncing around on pegs aplenty.

Each week, Xbox Live Gold subscribers are treated to a handful of discounts on various games and services. If you’re looking to game on the cheap, it’s certainly a good place to look once Tuesday rolls around. This week’s lineup of Popcap savings are valid through next Monday, Dec. 15, so act semi-quickly if something catches your eye.

The Xbox One lineup for the week is limited to just two games, but those of you who have been holding out on Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Peggle 2 will want to pay extra close attention, as both of those games are being discounted for Microsoft’s latest console by a mighty 66 percent off. Garden Warfare was actually announced as a free weekend gift for a rival machine during the recent PlayStation Experience, but more than half off on the Xbox One certainly isn’t something to scoff at…So stop scoffing!

Over to the Xbox 360 and your list is extended to a mighty nine games, including that same Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare discount of 66 percent for the last gen console. All other discounts are locked in at 50 percent for the Xbox 360, however.

Between now and early next week, that means you can get your hands on the original Peggle, Bejeweled 3, Peggle Nights and Zuma’s Revenge for half off. But wait, there’s more! This week’s discounts also include the original Plants vs. Zombies, as well as Feeding Frenzy, Feeding Frenzy 2 and Zuma.

PopCap has a knack for making games that are easy to figure out, yet tricky to master. They’re also famous for being family-friendly, producing lighthearted game that offer some solid challenge, a bit of luck and loads of colors and special effect. If you’re looking to take a break from all of the grays, blacks and browns of gritty modern adventures, something here should provide a nice remedy.

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