Xbox One's Call Of Duty: Ghosts Dumped By Hackers

The console isn't even out yet and we're already dealing with the games for the Xbox One being dumped by hackers. Basically, the hackers have managed to get their hands on the Xbox One version of Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Ghosts and decided to make a dump of the game disc to prep it for peer-to-peer sharing across torrents.

Video Game Scene managed to get their hands on an IRC log from hackers who were working on dumping the game files of Call of Duty: Ghosts for the Xbox One, which you can view below...

[2013-11-16 12:39AM UTC] #fw first xbone disc dump completed! Ghosts 47Gb! XG4 cometh![2013-11-16 03:41AM UTC] #fw XG4=XboxGamedisc4 – Bluray Disc Type Identifier from PIC (Permanent Information and Control data zone) on the disc![2013-11-16 05:52AM UTC] #fw cod ghosts psn layer 0 start/end: 0x 00100000/00ad7f1e[2013-11-16 05:52AM UTC] #fw (00ad7f1e-00100000) 1=9d7f1f sectors *0800=4ebf8f800(21,138,831,360 bytes)[2013-11-16 05:53AM UTC] #fw cod ghosts psn layer 1 start/end: 0x 015280e0/01effffe[2013-11-16 05:53AM UTC] #fw (01effffe-015280e0) 1=9d7f1f sectors – same as layer 0[2013-11-16 05:53AM UTC] #fw *0800=4ebf8f800 (21,138,831,360 bytes)[2013-11-16 05:54AM UTC] #fw = Total Disc 42,277,662,720 bytes[2013-11-16 05:58AM UTC] #fw the disc is made up of one metadata folder with some pics and one package1.xvc file of 41,285,020 KB length[2013-11-16 06:00AM UTC] #fw yes!

The total file size of 42.2GB still just baffles my mind. I mean, where did it all go? It's nearly twice the size of Sleeping Dogs and by comparison I just never would have guessed one was supposed to be more more “next-gen” than the other.

Worse yet is that despite the game's mammoth size it still managed to run like a three legged dog with Parkinson's disease on the PC... even while dual Titans were running in SLI.

The thing that's also pretty miserable is that the game is poorly compressed. The install size of the game is 39GB while the disc's dump size is 42.2GB. Really Infinity Ward? Only 3GB worth of compression?

The only thing the game has going for it is that on the Xbox One Infinity Ward at least took the time to remove and condense as much frame stutter as possible. Infinity Ward showing some bit of favoritism to the Xbox One didn't keep the game from having one of the most ludicrous single-player plots and storylines around, as players were commanded to do some pretty silly things.

Nevertheless, the news about hackers dumping the files of Call of Duty: Ghosts is a precursor for the next logical step in the file-dumping process: zipping up the contents and sharing the ISO via torrents. Of course, you would need a modded Xbox One to play the game, but I don't doubt that they'll be arriving sooner rather than later.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.