Xbox One Connectivity Issues Caused By Comcast Will Be Patched

Ah, the joys of an all-digital future. Oh what's that? You need to always be online to enjoy that all-digital future? Oh what's that? You need a reliable internet service to make use of such a feature? Oh what's that? Comcast isn't reliable? Well, no all-digital future for you.

While it might seem like a joke, the above paragraph is reality for a lot of Xbox One owners using wireless connections to make good on Microsoft's newest home entertainment hub that puts a lot of its functionality within the realm of online connectivity. Many users are complaining that the connection keeps dropping during their online sessions and the reality is that it's actually not entirely Microsoft's fault.

The Consumerist has an interesting article detailing a growing issue that new-school wireless consumers are running into with the Xbox One via their Comcast connection. You see, anyone using an IPv6 Wi-Fi connection are getting hit with disconnections right during the middle of some of their pre-orgasmic kill-streaks in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It's like that massive build-up and then bam! Lights out.

According to a representative from Comcast on a forum thread, users can overcome this debilitating drawback by disabling their crippled and hobbled IPv6 connection and instead use the age-old but very reliable IPv4 connection instead. It's like having to give up the young mistress and going back to old faithful... the only difference is that IPv4 isn't spiteful when you return.

The faster, more advanced IPv6 seems to be having compatibility issues between the Xbox One and Comcast's services.

As noted by the Consumerist...

“The issue is with gamers who are: (1) using an Xbox One, on (2) a home wifi network, that is (3) provided by Comcast and (4) using IPv6. Players on other providers, using wired networks, on IPv4, or using other consoles do not appear to be experiencing the error at this time.“Comcast’s recommended fix? Take it lower-tech and run an actual ethernet cable to your console. The connectivity bug does not occur on wired connections.”

Well boy isn't that a relief. All you have to do is downgrade your connectivity options and you're good to go. Paying $500 to move backward. That should be Microsoft's new slogan.

The Consumerist seems to corrobate rumors that have already spurred that there may be a patch incoming soon for the Xbox One's OS. The patch is supposed to address a number of issues with the OS, from speed and functionality to opening up more options and user management and utility control features, as well as addressing the Xbox One's connectivity issues with Comcast's services.

However, there is no time stamp on when this patch is supposed to arrive or how big it will be. I'm also curious if it will piggyback on the day-one mandatory patch for people who buy their console from online or brick and mortar retailers or if it will be a separate optional OS patch that becomes available after the day-one patch has been installed?

Anyway, for now if you use the Xbox One with a Comcast connection and you're getting shoddy drops, you know what to do.... otherwise you'll end up like the tag in the Consumerist's article: “Xboned”.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.