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Press Play is taking a unique approach to their next game. The Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Kalimba studio is letting gamers choose between three potential projects for them to develop.

The developer created short synopses of the three games along with art for each. Here's a run-down of the three game ideas they're considering.

Project Karoo
Project Karoo is a multiplayer construction game where players can create a range of vehicles. The game's block-based building system allows for both simple and complex creations. The vehicles will obey the laws of physics and break apart when they collide with terrain.

Players can then use those inventions to explore the world and acquire items to help them build other contraptions. Press Play says they'll continually add new places to discover.

Project Dwarka
In Project Dwarka, players become dwarven treasure hunters journeying through the underworld. They'll find many dangers waiting for them, including bottomless pits, floods and monsters. The tunnels are procedurally generated to make each adventure different.

Players can accompany their friends in these quests. For each mission, they'll pick a character class that lets them contribute to the team in different ways. As players gain experience, they can upgrade their dwarf with new abilities and passive bonuses.
Project Knoxville
Project Knoxville casts players as contestants in a sadistic game show that Press Play compares to Running Man and The Hunger Games. Players are placed into arenas filled with creatures and other contestants. The contestants can either team up or turn on each other.

Press Play envisions matches to be short (10-15 minutes). There's no crafting or hunger like in DayZ or other recent survival games. The focus is squarely on combat.

This isn't just a deathmatch, though. Press Play has some other interesting ideas for the competition. When players die, they can influence the game by, for example, spawning creatures in the arena to attack their opponents. Spectators may also be able to bet on the competition or sponsor combatants.

Press Play doesn't mention what platforms the game will appear on. However, Press Play is owned by Microsoft and you need to sign in with your Xbox account to vote so it's safe to say Xbox One is going to get the game. It remains to be seen whether PC gamers will be as lucky.

The vote is open until September 1st. Press Play will then announce the winning game idea on September 8th.

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