There are 90-minutes allocated for each of the big conferences during the annual Electronics Entertainment Expo. Each year, Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo (along with a few big publishers) hold massive on-stage conferences to pimp their latest goods. This particular year, Microsoft has so much content for the Xbox One lined up that they claim they'll have to move stuff out of the show.

Only SP caught tweets from Xbox One group executive Phil Spencer, who responded to an eager Xbox One gamer who was concerned whether or not the Xbox conference would be game-focused, or if we would see a bunch of TV on your TV crap. Spencer chimed in saying...

Well, that's good to know. I mean, it wasn't like Microsoft had anything particularly pressing to discuss at last year's E3. It wasn't like there some big to-do that required a roundtable discussion or executive interviews. Microsoft just had to show games, and this year they get to do the same thing. Apparently they have so much to show that they have to move stuff out of the show (though you'll probably have to take that with a grain of salt).

One of the big games a lot of fanboys and fangirls from the Xbox camp are looking forward to is Sunset Overdrive. It's certainly not going to be anything special at this year's E3 like Titanfall was Microsoft's eggs in a basket and picnic on a Sunday afternoon at last year's E3. More than anything, I expect a few grins and some minor facial gesticulations to occur from the jaded but Dew-induced Doritocrats attending the conference, but very little of anything else. Besides, Sunset Overdrive looks like 100% mediocre fun.

Of course, Spencer wasn't done with the Twitter machine. He had some things to say about everyone's favorite new not-so-secret-sauce, DirectX 12...

Earlier today we reported on the DirectX 12 CPU utilization planned to increase optimization and efficiency via the API for games made on the Xbox One. Of course, this isn't going to get underway until a ways away from this very moment, leading a lot of people to believe that AMD will get an opportunity to leverage Mantle in the game design space.

Nevertheless, Microsoft is going to have to bring their 'A' game to E3 if they hope to even stay relevant in this eighth-gen race or at least begin to rival Nintendo and the Wii U, which is expected to start sky-rocketing in sales starting May 30th.

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