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From the abysmal announcement focused on TV and sports, to the prying from gamers that led to the reveal of the DRM, the Xbox One's roll out onto the market has been a disaster... and that's an understatement. While unresolved issues still persist, one indie dev has acknowledged that the terrible start of the Xbox One could be rectified.

Now Gamer picked up the story from VG 24/7, where independent developer Rami Ismail from studio Vlambeer, had this to say about Microsoft's Xbox One...
"If you look at the Microsoft announcement of the Xbox One, that was a train wreck if I’ve ever seen one," … "It was impressive. The amount of stuff they did wrong was just frankly amazing. I think that will be in handbooks for students for the next hundred years as one of the biggest disasters in management."

Ismail doesn't need to dwell on the obvious thing we all know about regarding the Xbox One for too long. He shifts gears and starts focusing on Microsoft's reformation; the company's attempt to bring back those who fled in fear and anger, and decided to show how distraught they were with the green and black brand by pre-ordering Sony's PS4 and pledging support to the console as well, with many notable indie companies porting their games to Sony's system, including Chucklefish's Starbound.

He notes that Microsoft had to switch gears and switch fast...
"Microsoft saw that Sony was obviously doing something right,"...”"Microsoft forcing indies to have a publisher didn’t work, so they started [email protected] which is led by a guy called Chris Charla. Chris is a good guy, he sincerely cares about indie games.”

"Chris's heart is in a good place and he set up [email protected] Now, the program is good. We are in [email protected], and it’s a good program. You get the dev kits, it’s standardised,"

The [email protected] program kicked into gear after heavy criticisms were levied against Microsoft over their policies that prevented independent developers from self-publishing on the Xbox One, a curation process that was to carry over from the Xbox 360.

Despite the changes, however, Microsoft is keeping their launch parity clause effect, which has caused equal amounts of stir, as it means that developers will have to finish all versions of the game at the exact same time. Ismail remarks how “insane” this clause is...
"There’s no big surprises anywhere except for one thing, and that’s launch parity. That’s the one thing that’s still there and a problem at the moment, because a lot of indies simply don’t have the resources.

"You can’t just launch on all platforms at once, because no, we can’t. It’s hell getting a game to work on PC, it’s awful getting it to work on PC, Mac, PS4 and Vita,"

According to Rami, Vlambeer will simply take it one platform at a time and they're doing PC first and follow that up with releases on the PS Vita and PS4 thereafter. The Xbox One will be last, but he notes that they found a way around the parity clause by “being jerks”.

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