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If you’re looking to dive into Star Wars: Battlefront before anyone else, you better be gaming on an Xbox One with EA Access. According to a recent tweet from the publisher, that particular cross section of gamers will be the first to join the fight between Rebels and the Alliance.

In a recent tweet from the official Xbox account promoting the console’s exclusive partnership with EA Access, Microsoft accounted that Star Wars: Battlefront will be available on Xbox One before anywhere else. PlayStation gamers may be getting some Battlefront bundles in the coming months, but Xbox is the place where Luke and Darth will first go to war.

In what appears to be a simple ad, Microsoft encourages gamers to “treat yourself to early access when you play with EA Access.” Along with offering up the occasional free game for members to enjoy, EA Access frequently grants first dibs on upcoming titles. This most recent ad promises NBA Live 16 on Sept. 24 as opposed to its launch date of Sept. 29, Need for Speed on Oct. 29 as opposed to its Nov. 3 launch date and—drum roll, please—Star Wars: Battlefront on Nov. 12 instead of Nov. 17.

That’s right, EA Access grants you front row tickets to the Battlefront show a full five days before it will be available on other platforms.

These types of deals are a remnant of a practice that kicked off last generation and continue to tick off quite a few gamers nowadays. In the age of the PS3 and Xbox 360, Microsoft’s console got this type of perk far more frequently than Sony’s. Since the PS4 is outpacing the Xbox One, the shoe is on the other foot this generation. Call of Duty is just one example of this type of timed exclusivity, with the PS4 getting access to Black Ops III DLC a full month before the Xbox One.

But while the PlayStation is getting more deals for small pieces of exclusive content like maps and guns in Destiny, Xbox One offers a timed exclusivity on a full game, Rise of the Tomb Raider.

I fully understand why these practices exist, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them. Either way, this latest piece of Battlefront news is probably super welcome to all members of EA Access and only a slight bummer for everyone else. Five days isn’t so bad, after all.

And while the full game is experiencing a sort of staggered launch, the same doesn’t seem to be true for the upcoming beta, which EA recently announced will be available to everyone, regardless of console or whether or not you pre-ordered the game.

So that’s a lot of Star Wars on your plate in the coming months. The Battlefront beta should go live this October with the full game launching in November. Come December, we can all finally pile into our local theaters and watch The Force Awakens.

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