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Xbox One, PS4 Hacker SuperDaE Releases 1.7TB Worth Of Damaging Information

Well, it looks like it happened...SuperDaE, the guy responsible for informing the gaming world about the Xbox One's system specs and DRM measures, has been unable to get to his FTP in time and the files leaked to the public, just as he promised after he was arrested. The traffic is so heavy on his site right now that it seems to have shutdown.

The file contains 1.7 terabytes worth of data and LevelSave's Austin Griffith managed to take a look. Kotaku asked what was in the files (since apparently Gawker doesn't pay them enough to afford 1.7tb worth of download bandwidth) and it contains information about the following...

The FTP also apparently contains software development kits for the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U as well as possible old code for unreleased games such as Company of Heroes 2 and WWE 14. The Epic directory includes folders for Unreal Engine 4 and UE4 projects called Fortnite (an announced game), Kilo, Lima and Orion.

Any idea what Kilo, Lima and Orion are?

So how did SuperDaE get these files? He's a hacker and he got them the way any 17-year-old Aussie hacker would get them...listening to Deadmau5 while snorting crack.

Anyway, the kid was arrested after being raided by the FBI for trying to sell devkits on eBay. He was hit with charges of "possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia", "possession of a prohibited weapon", "possession of identification material with intent to commit an offence", and "possessing and copying an indecent or obscene article, possession of child exploitation material", as reported by Gizmodo.

I don't understand the thing about these young hackers being into loli-porn? What's up with that? Maybe they've been hanging around the smelly parts of 4Chan for too long and it permanently corrupted the parts of their brain where common sense and decency is contained.

Anyway, I'm excited to see what the near 2TB worth of data looks like assuming there's no child porn on it or some perverse, dirty Sanchez version of Peter Molyneux's What's Inside The Cube?.

The chaps at Neogaf have been trying to get people from /v/ to get the file and download it because the people who propagate a website too dark for the Darknet obviously have the bandwidth and time to check over the files, and potentially crack the password to access all the data.

As soon as someone has the iron bandwidth balls to defy their ISP and grab this file from the Superdae website and expose it all to the world, the sooner we can all rest easy at night knowing that dev kits for the next-gen consoles are out and available to the public. We can also sit easy knowing that damaging information to some of the top publishers in the software industry will cause their executive board members to stare at the ceiling every night, drenched in the cold sweat of knowing their proprietary code is completely and entirely available to the public, Tron Legacy style.

Good luck and good hacking.

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