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Xbox One, PS4 Leaker Threatens To Leak Damaging Info If He's Arrested

Uh oh, looks like we got a Wikileaks badass over here.

So, you know the guy that leaked all the info about the upcoming next-gen consoles? Yes, the guy responsible for all core gamers finding out about the DRM and used game rumors for the Xbox One months before the reveal? Yeah, that guy. Well he's on the defense; his back is against the wall and he's about to play his last cards because that's how tough guy nerds roll.

Going by the pseudonym Superdae, the leaker was responsible for all those technical road-maps we received for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 many months ago, which is why – despite Microsoft skimming over the specs – the gaming community was able to compare the detailed specs of the PS4 and Xbox One without actual fact sheets.

Well, VG 24/7 is reporting that after Superdae got raided by the FBI, he setup a fail-safe just like in the movies, where if he doesn't log into an FTP every 24 hours it will automatically send out “juicy” and presumably damaging info. Yeah, I'm guessing he was all up in that movie Hackers with Johnny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie.

In a report by Gizmodo, Superdae suspects that he will be charged after he was busted for trying to sell development kits of the next generation consoles on eBay (epic fail, bro...epic fail).

Assuming the arrest goes through and Superdae fails to log into his FTP, the username, password and IP address will be broadcast on a Twitter account, allowing read-only access to all the “juicy” and potentially damaging details regarding the next generation consoles. Although, what could honestly be more damaging than Microsoft placing blame on gaming media and then disabling all comments on their YouTube videos?

I know this is a mean and sad thing to say...but I'm kind of hoping Superdae will not be able to log into his FTP account. Okay, there...I said it.

(Update: Superdae, Dan Henry, has been charged by police with undisclosed crimes, but he was granted bail, as reported by Gizmodo.)

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.