Xbox One Suffers Update, Disc Drive Issues Ahead Of Launch

With the midnight launch about ready to kick off in a few hours (as of the publishing of this article) gamers are already piling onto the internet to showcase their latest problems with the Xbox One. On the bright side, one of the issues managed to get fixed. On the downside, one of the issues managed to stay broke.

As you see in the video above, the Xbox One has trouble connecting and getting the mandatory day-one update. Without this update your console is a brick. That's not even a joke, people. Seriously, if you don't get the day-one update patch you cannot use your Xbox One for anything. It's effectively an electronic brick. Dead serious.

Well, one gamer, a Shaun Heenan from Katoomba, Australia, took his issue to the interwebs, showing off to everyone how the Xbox One fails to get the update, as reported by the anti-Doritocratic website, Furious Fanboys (and is it just me or is it not awesomely cool that the first real anti-Doritocracy gaming site is called “Furious Fanboys”?)

Again, there's a bright side to the video above: After leaving his Xbox One to its own devices, 11 hours later the thing fixed itself. Yes, there is an upside to a console that's always on... always listening... always watching... always – oops, wait, that was the old Xbox One that was designed with policies mirrored after the life and times of Van Dralan Dixson.

Anyway, Heenan's Xbox One repaired itself, with Heenan stating...

“And just like that the nightmare is over. 11 hours after I first plugged the console in, it has started working of its own accord, without me changing anything. I wasn't even in the room when it moved into the proper console setup. What a relief. Thanks to the people who were nice in the comments. The rest of you are your own punishment.”

A second video also emerged of a bricked console, pretty much living up to the aspirations of any ambitiously built brick: sitting there, stolid, still, unmoving, unwavering, useless at everything else that doesn't include doing nothing but taking up space.

Dang that power brick is so big it'll need a power brick to power it.

Sadly, though, no fix has been found for the bricked console above.

It doesn't end there, folks. We have a nice night of entertainment and good times ahead... assuming basking in the misery of a first-adopter fresh out of $500 is what you consider entertainment.

The video below is of a poor sap who can't even get the system to read the disc. However, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this isn't the Xbox One's fault at all. Oh no, as you can see in the video below, this poor S.O.B tries putting Call of Duty: Ghosts into his fresh-out-of-the-box Xbox One:

Get that s**t out of here!” says the Xbox One's disc drive.

Apparently even a console that's designed out of the box to be a brick still has standards.

Hats off to you Xbox One for recognizing a turd and not wanting it in your disc drive. We, consumers of a higher standard, salute you.

That still doesn't absolve the fact that the Xbox One is having issues before day-one of its inaugural launch gets underway.

Both Microsoft and Sony will face these sorts of issues coming out of the gate. The only thing is that Microsoft has the added tension of dealing with people who don't have broadband while Sony has this unflattering human rights issue to deal with concerning all those poor interns making PS4s at Foxconn.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.