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Xbox Live's free games for September 2015 are an eclectic mix. You'll be able to fulfill your dreams of becoming a treasure hunter, ship captain and deer.

If you have an Xbox Live Gold membership, you can download the following "Games with Gold" for free during September:
  • The Deer God ($14.99 ERP) – Available from September 1-30 on Xbox One
  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition ($29.99 ERP) – Available from September 16-October 15 on Xbox One
  • Battlestations: Pacific ($24.99 ERP) – Available from September 1-15 on Xbox 360
  • Crysis 3 ($19.99 ERP) – Available from September 16-30 on Xbox 360
You've probably never heard of The Deer God. Released earlier this year on PC, The Deer God is a side-scroller with an interesting twist. The player is a hunter who has been turned into a deer. They have to solve puzzles and fight a range of hostile animals including giant frogs and cobras. During the game, they'll acquire new items and abilities to help them brave the wilderness. Over time they'll also get the chance to become other animals with their own capabilities. The game world is procedurally generated to make each playthrough different.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition is an updated version of the series' 2013 reboot. In this adventure, a young Lara is shipwrecked on a mysterious island and has to face its various hazards and dangerous inhabitants to rescue her friends. Crystal Dynamics updated the graphics for the game's Xbox One debut and also included all of the post-launch DLC released for the PC/PS3/360 editions. I liked the reboot a lot but I'm not sure the Definitive Edition is worth playing if you already checked out the last-gen version.

Battlestations: Pacific lets players command either American or Japanese naval forces during World War 2. The game features a 14-mission campaign for each side of the conflict. You can also face off against human opponents in online modes with various objectives. For example, one mode asks you to capture islands across a map while another challenges you to escort key units while your opponent tries to destroy them.

The other free game on Xbox 360, Crysis 3, is a futuristic shooter. Players step into the shoes of Prophet, a soldier armed with an advanced nanosuit. The CELL Corporation has encased New York City in a giant dome and turned the city into an urban rain forest. Prophet will travel into this dome to put a stop to the corporation's plans for world domination. The open-ended worlds let players choose their tactics and approach for each objective. Their Nanosuit, meanwhile, provides them with superpowers to aid their playstyle. These Nanosuits can also be used in the game's competitive multiplayer modes.