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Nintendo Switch Will Get Media Apps, Eventually

One of the big concerns from many reviews put out by major media outlets for the Nintendo Switch centered around the system's lack of media apps available at launch. Well, Nintendo has finally chimed in on the matter after being reticent for so long, and it appears the Nintendo Switch will get media apps... eventually.

Hulu App Now Streaming TV And Movies On Wii U

While Tvii and Netflix still haven't launched on the Nintendo Wii U just yet, video streaming service Hulu has moved ahead of the pack and, if you're rocking the Big N's new home console, you can now enjoy hundreds of shows and movies right from your TV (Your regular TV. As I said, TVii is still a no show).

Hulu Plus Now On Wii

Hulu Plus, the premium version of the streaming entertainment service, is now available for the Wii. Wii owners can watch television shows and movies through the console by paying $7.99 a month.

Hulu Plus Goes Public On PS3 Next Week

Next week, Hulu Plus will be available to all PS3 users in the United States. The premium TV/movie service was previously limited to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Hulu Plus Now Available To Select PS3 Owners

The testing for Hulu Plus is expanding. Starting today, a select group of PlayStation Plus subscribers will have access to a preview build of the premium television/movie service.

Hulu Plus Coming To PS3, Xbox 360

Today the premium subscription version of Hulu, entitled Hulu Plus, was formally announced. The rumored support for the Xbox 360 and PS3 was confirmed as well.

Weekly Recap June 26th: El Shaddai Debuts, Hulu On PS3, Portal 2 Demo

Rumors for Hulu on the PS3 appear, new show-floor impressions of the demo for Portal 2 have surfaced and Ignition debuts El Shaddai.

Rumor: Hulu Coming To PS3

Currently PS3 owners can stream TV shows through their console with Netflix. They may get a second option soon, though.

Rumor: Hulu Coming To Xbox 360

With E3 only two weeks away, rumors have begun to swirl about what surprises will be announced. The latest gossip is that the Xbox 360 will get another streaming movie and television service.

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