Andor’s Andy Serkis Hints About The Importance Of The Parts Being Made By The Prison Inmates

We are going to talk specifics about this season of Andor, so if you aren’t caught up on the show and would like to avoid spoilers, try one of our other articles.

During the three-episode arc set in the Narkina 5 prison, Kino Loy (a brilliant Andy Serkis) has been dictating the pace to his fellow inmates as they compete against other teams of prisoners in the workshop building… something. We’ve been so focused on Cassian Andor’s (Diego Luna) plight in the prison, and the possibility that he might sway Loy into returning to his humanity and siding with the rebellion, we never paused long enough to ask what the inmates were constructing, and how it might be used. But we’ve had some ideas, and during a recent conversation with Serkis, we brought them up, and got a fascinating reply. 

While episodes 9 and 10 of Andor featured the Imperial Security Bureau shaking the trees in search of Cassian, and included Princess Leia Easter eggs in its interrogation scene of Bix (Adria Arjona), the scenes in the prison were fraught with tension as Andor participated in the spark of rebellion that could have set him free. The arc ran through some of the most important Andor things that Star Wars fans need to know, and raised a massive question about what is being made in the Narkina 5 prison facility. So we asked Serkis if these were, in fact, parts of the Death Star… which should be under construction at this time if you are watching the Star Wars movies in order. And he told us:

Well, without giving anything away, I think absolutely… obviously the prisoners, the inmates, have absolutely no idea what they are making. But I think, for the discerning eye, I think there’s a strong possibility that they could be used for some nefarious activity.

Going over the Star Wars timeline in my head, it’s unlikely that the parts being assembled in Narkina 5 are for the Death Star. Andor is meant to be a prequel to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and takes place 5 years before the action in that film. The plot of Rogue One involved Rebel spies obtaining the plans for the Empire’s weapon. Could they have been constructing this massive monstrosity in this moment, as well? 

The Death Star has been addressed in numerous Star Wars properties, including Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars. You know it still has the capability of being a big part of Andor, especially because the amazing Star Wars series is getting a second season. We anticipate that the second season of Andor is going to lead us right into Cassian’s first scene in Rogue One, unless the creative team has something else up their rebellious sleeves. We shall find out soon enough, so long as you keep it locked on Disney+ (opens in new tab) each and every week.

Sean O'Connell
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