Chicago Fire Star Promises That 'Heads Will Roll' In Halloween Episode, Plus Why The Showrunners Are Excited

Chicago Fire is getting into the spooky season with its next episode of Season 11, fittingly titled “Haunted House.” It will be the long-running drama’s last outing before Halloween, and several members of the Fire team have already opened up about why it’s one that fans should be looking forward to. Star Hanako Greensmith previewed that “heads will roll,” and the showrunners are excited about what’s on the way to One Chicago on Wednesday

The episode description for “Haunted House” reveals a bit of the fun that’s on the way, with Firehouse 51 hosting a Halloween open house, which should be a treat for Boden (who once revealed that Halloween was his favorite holiday), although it’s safe to say that some tricks are on the way as well. When Hanako Greensmith spoke with CinemaBlend and other outlets earlier this fall (including about Violet and Hawkins’ relationship), she was asked about the Halloween episode and shared: 

That's gonna be fun! You're definitely going to get a Halloween episode this year, and I will say, having been a part of one of the incidents, heads will roll. It's definitely one of the, I find, slightly gorier incidents that we've had. That'll be something fun for you to see, and who doesn't want to see our cast dressed up in costumes that aren't CFD gear? I mean, get ready. These costumes are both precious and hilarious, all in one.

Hopefully heads won’t be rolling at Firehouse 51 during the open house! Based on Hanako Greensmith’s mention of “incidents,” it sounds like the heroes of 51 are in for an action-packed hour of television. It just remains to be seen how gory Fire will actually get at 9 p.m. ET on NBC! Of course, there will clearly be fun to go along with the slightly increased gore, with characters dressing up for Halloween. 

Hopefully Violet herself participates in the festivities as well as one of the incidents. She has had a rough ride in Season 11 so far, with the unexpected death of Hawkins. A pep talk from Severide that included some touching callbacks helped Violet find the strength to come back to work; maybe some costume shenanigans could help boost her spirits even more!

And the actress wasn’t the only member of the Fire team speaking about the Halloween episode. When I spoke with showrunners Andrea Newman and Derek Haas about Season 11 in the aftermath of the Season 10 finale, Newman named the festive episode as something that they were particularly excited for fans to get to see, saying:

We are really looking forward that Boden – whose favorite holiday is Halloween, as we noted in Season 1 and I don't think we've addressed it since – is gonna get to really explore that favorite holiday of his in our Halloween episode. We're doing a Halloween episode this year, which has really been a blast.

Boden is coming off of a rough episode as well, which had him reflecting on his personal life and relationship with his son. It’s not clear whether or not young Terrance will make an appearance at 51’s Halloween open house, but considering his dad’s love of the holiday, it would definitely be a treat to see him again! Whatever happens, “Haunted House” clearly is an episode that fans won’t want to miss.

Even though it won’t be all festive fun from beginning to end (with the newly-married Severide and Stella helping a girl after she’s kicked out of her home), it’s not every week (or even season) that the firefighters and paramedics of 51 get to put on costumes to celebrate. Watch the “Haunted House” episode of Chicago Fire on Wednesday, October 19 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC, between Chicago Med at 8 p.m. and Chicago P.D. at 10 p.m. 

Med is soon losing a character (although hopefully without a tragedy like what took Hawkins) and P.D. is still adjusting to no longer having Halstead around, so be sure to plan on spending your Wednesday night tuned in to NBC, or check out the new episodes streaming next day with a Peacock subscription

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