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Halo Season 2 Already Made A Change That Has Master Chief Star Pablo Schreiber Excited

Back in the day, television shows had to prove themselves worthy of finding an audience before a network would consider renewing them for follow up seasons. But metrics used to measure audience anticipation and viewership have evolved, and now networks (or streaming services like Paramount+) can gauge the popularity of a program long before it airs a single episode. Take the new program Halo, for example. Reviews on the show have been mixed, even with lead actor Pablo Schreiber sending a message to Halo fans that the creative team can be trusted with their interpretation of this video game universe. But the show was extended for a second season before the first season even launched… and one change has Schreiber excited. 

The first two episodes of the new sci-fi thriller Halo are streaming on Paramount+ (opens in new tab) and fans have been debating about the different ways that the series honors the popular video game franchise on which it’s based, while still making changes to its storyline and telling an original plot instead of recreating the game step by step. Heading into the second season of Halo, though, a new showrunner named David Wiener (Brave New World) is taking over the creative direction, replacing season one’s Steve Kane. When talking to CinemaBlend about the switch, Master Chief star Pablo Schreiber told CinemaBlend:

We’re currently working on season two. We have a new creator on board who I’m incredibly excited about. David Wiener is a very, very talented and skilled writer. He’s going to bring to the table so much depth and curiosity about this universe that it’s only going to get more and more rich and compelling. I’m just thrilled.

There’s something to be said about continuity behind the scenes at a television show. Think about the guiding hand that Vince Gilligan had on both Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, or the work that Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse had on Lost (for better or for worse). So I’m not 100% sure if a change behind the scenes is terrific, or a sign of trouble. 

However, changing leadership on a television program also can serve as a creative shot in the arm that might rejuvenate the cast and crew, and from the sound of the above interview clip with Pablo Schreiber, he’s extremely excited to be working with David Wiener on Halo. The review might be lukewarm, but Deadline reports that Halo set a premiere record for a Paramount+ television program, meaning that audience members are tuning in, and likely are anticipating the episodes that will be coming for the rest of season one.

Pablo Schreiber plays Master Chief in Halo, the main protagonist who is surrounded by a cast you have seen in other programs. We are definitely intrigued by the direction that the show can go, given the fact that it’s free from the established stories of the existing games… so long as they fight to maintain the tone and scope of the game that people love. Stay tuned to see where season one goes, and then track news as we hear about the plans for season two. 

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