Night Court: Stephnie Weir Talks Playing A Character That Abby And Dan 'Aren't Prepared For,' Plus Joining The 'Well-Gelled' Ensemble'

Stephnie Weir as Remecca in Night Court
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Night Court wasted no time in becoming a breakout hit on NBC, scoring a Season 2 renewal after only four episodes aired and continuing to bring in standout guest stars. Just a week after Faith Ford dropped by to play Abby’s mom Gina, MADtv and Godmothered alum Stephnie Weir will arrive to play a character who will shake things up. In fact, the actress previewed to CinemaBlend that Abby (Melissa Rauch) and Dan (John Larroquette) won’t be entirely prepared for what’s on the way in the March 7 episode!

Stephnie Weir comes to Night Court on March 7 for an episode called “Two Peas on a Pod,” playing a podcaster by the name of Remecca. While Abby will want Remecca to feature her court, the guest star’s comments suggest that the situation will get more complicated than anybody expected... and given that this is Night Court, the results should be funny! Speaking with CinemaBlend, Weir shared why she wanted to join the show for an episode:

Number one, because of the cast and the ensemble and I was familiar with the show. That was obviously first and foremost why I wanted to show up. I'm playing a podcaster, and that intrigued me, and when I read it, it was a really fun part. She comes in one way and then kind of tries to work them and pit them against each other, and that was really fun to play.

Stephnie Weir is coming on board Night Court to play a podcaster, and it sounds like Remecca's role will be very different than Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir playing fictionalized versions of themselves a couple of weeks ago. Remecca in the mix could lead to some hijinks for the series regulars, and it sounds like a lot of fun for fans! 

Weir went on to preview how Remecca fits into the motley crew of Night Court, and it seems that the main characters aren’t entirely ready for what she’ll bring to their courtroom. The guest star shared: 

It’s good, because you have an outside force that starts kind of drawing lines between the characters to see how they step up in that situation… You’re waiting to see what's going to happen because she takes her interview into a 'gotcha' territory that they aren’t really prepared for.

How the characters step up should be interesting for the show to handle, considering that they've bonded pretty well over the first eight episodes. Abby and Dan came into the courtroom with her father in common, even if they had never met before, and Neil even has a crush on Abby now! That said, it sounds like the pressure could be on in a new kind of way, and they’re not all complete bosom buddies just yet. Dan still sits at his own table in the cafeteria, after all! 

The cast’s dynamic has been a recipe for success so far, and fans will have to tune in to “Two Peas on a Pod” to see how the characters deal with somebody they weren’t prepared for. Stephnie Weir shared that she didn’t yet know how much of a hit Night Court would become when she filmed the episode, and elaborated:

These were recorded and then the release date was a little bit later, but I love Melissa Rauch, and whenever I heard about the reboot, and the role that she was going to be playing, I just thought it was such a great way of using her to kind of reinvent this. So I knew a little bit about it going in, I knew who the cast was, and that John Larroquette was coming back to it. None of this had hit the ground running yet, and my episode was a little later in the run, so I walked into a pretty well-gelled ensemble. It was really fun to show up and see them on this new show and doing their thing.

Night Court doesn’t have a huge cast of regulars, but there are some comedic heavy-hitters among them. Melissa Rauch and John Larroquette came to the new show with more than 400 sitcom episodes between them, with Rauch’s time on The Big Bang Theory and Larroquette’s run on the original Night Court. India de Beaufort and Kapil Talwalkar are both veterans of NBC’s Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, and Lacretta quickly became a scene-stealer as the “wicked smart” Gurgs. Apparently, they were very “well-gelled” by the time Stephnie Weir arrived! 

See what shenanigans are in store for Abby, Dan, and the rest with the arrival of Stephnie Weir’s Remecca on the next episode of Night Court on Tuesday, March 7 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. If you’ve missed any of 2023’s hit sitcom so far, you can find the full Season 1 to this point available streaming with a Peacock Premium subscription.

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