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A Universal Orlando Attraction Is Shutting Down After Almost 20 Years

When it comes to theme parks, a lot of what makes them popular with adults is the feeling of nostalgia that comes with them. This is because many popular attractions can last for decades, meaning that the same ride you were able to enjoy when you were 10 is still there when you’re 30. But it also makes it a bit sad when those attractions go away. Such is the case today as Universal Orlando Resort has confirmed that Shrek 4D and its associated gift shop will be closing early next year after more than 18 years.

Shrek was, once upon a time, one of the most popular animated film franchises around, so it was far from shocking when Michael Myers’ Scottish ogre got his own attraction. Shrek 4D was a 3D film that included additional effects like water and wind being fired in the face of guests.  Considering it lasted this long, the last Shrek movie was released in 2010, one might expect this show would last forever, but today Universal Orlando confirmed the show will see its last screening in January. In a statement to CinemaBlend UOR said...

Shrek 4D and its corresponding gift shop will permanently close at Universal Studios Florida on January 10, 2022

Opening in June of 2003, Shrek 4D will have made it nearly 19 years, which is a pretty good run. As with any theme park attraction that’s being shut down, there are those that loved the show that are lamenting its closure. For what it’s worth, the film has been available outside of the Universal Orlando theme park since 2004 as a DVD extra, and it can be viewed on Netflix right now as part of Shrek's Thrilling Tales.

While it can be sad to see an attraction go, we know that Universal Orlando Resort isn’t going to just leave that valuable space empty, so what will replace Shrek 4D? When the same attraction closed at Universal Studios Hollywood in 2017, it was replaced with the Dreamworks Theater, which has been showing Kung Fu Panda: The Emperor’s Quest in that space ever since, so that would certainly be the most likely candidate. 

Some sort of replacement 3D show certainly makes the most sense as the show building already has that infrastructure and it would be little problem to simply update things with a different film. But it’s certainly also possible that the building could come down and be replaced completely. Some online are hoping that Florida gets a version of Secret Life Of Pets: Off the Leash, the dark ride that recently opened at Universal Studios Hollywood

One other item of note is that Shrek 4D isn’t the only attraction going down in January. Revenge of the Mummy is also set to close, but it will be undergoing a significant refurbishment, and will reopen once that’s completed.  

With Shrek 4D set to continue into January, we probably won’t hear what will replace it until much closer to that date. Until then, if you’d like to experience the show in all its 4D glory one more time, You’ve got a few months left. 

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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