Adam Driver’s 65 Super Bowl Spot Doubles Down On The Intense Dinosaur Action

People love dinosaurs. People also love science fiction. Finally, people love Adam Driver movies. Knowing these three things one wonders how it has taken so long to get Adam Driver in a science fiction dinosaur movie, but that is finally about to happen. A new look at Driver's 65 gives us plenty of dinosaur science-fiction action and drama in what looks to be an exciting film.

The premise of 65 sees Adam Driver and a young girl, played by Ariana Greenblatt, who is putting together an incredible career at such a young age, both survivors of a spacecraft crash, discover that they have somehow found themselves on earth 65 million years in the past. And it looks like the humans will need all the technology at their disposal in order to survive this biological threat. 65 is one of the movies set to wow people during the Super Bowl this year and we have an early look at the spot. Check it out above.

Based on this brief 30 seconds, 65 looks like it's going to have just about everything that movie fans would want. While the ad spot gives us no dialogue, the basic plot is made clear in the visuals. Those looking for a tense action movie look to have everything they'd want, who doesn't love the idea of fighting dinosaurs with futuristic weapons? But there also looks to be a strong dramatic story here, as Driver's character is trying to keep a young girl alive in an environment that is clearly trying to kill them both.

Dinosaurs have always been fascinating creatures, one of the great mysteries of our world that we're always trying to learn more about, and the idea of being able to actually see them has always been an idea that's as magical as it is terrifying. There's so much we still don't know about them, which is a big part of what would make the creatures so dangerous. We're always learning new things about dinosaurs. One wonders if this new movie will be using the best current science to give us the most realistic dinosaurs on film to date.

In something like the Jurassic Park franchise, the humans at least have the advantage of the fact that the dinosaurs are strangers in the modern world. Humanity has the home-field advantage, to use a sports term since we're discussing a Super Bowl ad. But here Adam Driver's character will find himself with the odds stacked that much more against him, because he is in their world. 

With 65 being the creation of Scott Beck & Bryan Woods, the minds that brought us the truly unique A Quiet Place, we can expect this new movie to be an equally tense drama and one that might perhaps have a few surprises in store. The duo is also directing this one. We'll certainly be looking forward to seeing more than just a 30-second ad for this one. 65 is set to open in theaters on March 10.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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