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After We Fell Ending Explained And What It Could Mean For Tessa And Hardin

Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Josephine Langford as Hardin and Tessa at the end of After We Fell
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The After series is getting ready to tell its final act following the release of its latest installment. After We Fell is the third movie of the franchise based on Anna Todd’s romance novels that got their start on Wattpad and it’s time to talk about how it left things for Tessa and Hardin. Let’s get into the After We Fell ending and what it could mean for the young couple as they face a new set of twists and turns. 

After We Fell was released in fall 2021, but now that it has arrived to Netflix, we’re ready to dive into spoiler talk. This article contains big surprises, so if you want to see for yourself before you read about it, here is your final warning! The movie follows the events in After and After We Collided, which ended with Tessa being given the Vance publishing job in Seattle and being reunited with her estranged father. Now to what went down in After We Fell

Hero Fiennes Tiffen as Hardin in After We Fell, affair scene

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What Happened At The End Of After We Fell

After We Fell starts with Tessa taking in her father to stay with her, much to Hardin’s disapproval. Then tension runs deeper between the couple when Hardin finds out Tessa is planning to move to Seattle just a week before it’s about to happen. As Tessa stays with Vance and his wife in the meantime, Hardin visits her there. Of course the couple make up as they do with a spicy scene or two, but more toxicity between the pair grows when Tessa meets Carter Jenkins’ Robert. Hot-headed Hardin gets super jealous, but the couple work through it, especially when Tessa assures him he’s just a friend. Things really start looking up for the pair when Hardin decides to move in with Tessa up in Seattle in a couple months. 

The third act of After We Fell brings the couple to London to visit Hardin’s mother for her wedding. However, the night before the wedding Hardin goes downstairs to the surprise of none-other-than Tessa’s boss Christian Vance getting hot and heavy with his mother in the kitchen. Hardin blows up in shock, but Tessa gets in the middle and cools him down. The next day, his mother goes through with the wedding to her fiancé Mike and Vance confronts Hardin where he invites him for a drink at a bar in a nearby hotel. 

Christian Vance tells Hardin the truth in After We Fell ending

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What Christian Vance Was Hiding

Hardin swallows his anger and meets Vance at the hotel bar where he struggles to break some important news to him. At the same time, Tessa sits on a bench with Vance’s wife Kimberly, who is pregnant with a child he and Vance are expecting. She confides in Tessa, making it clear she’s aware of the affair and sharing that Vance and Hardin’s mother Trish have a “history together.” The big twist she reveals is that Vance is the biological father of Hardin. At the same time while at the bar, Vance drops hints to Hardin but is unable to blurt out the words. Hardin catches on though and storms out of the bar in disbelief.

The movie ends with Tessa finding Hardin as he walks out the bar and the pair coming together for an emotional hug and kiss on the streets of London as the credits roll. Clearly, things just got a lot more complicated for the pair. Hardin has spent his whole life believing that Ken Scott is his father, despite the man’s bouts with alcoholism becoming an estranged figure in his family. Ken has been trying to make amends with Hardin as of late, but now Hardin is faced with a whole other set of daddy issues from a person he had no idea was related to him. Not to mention his real father is Tessa’s boss, who she will be working closely with and Hardin is moving in proximity with due to her getting the job.  

Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin in After We Fell

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What The Cliffhanger Could Mean For Tessa And Hardin

Prior to the ending of After We Fell, Tessa and Hardin found themselves in a solid place in their relationship, but as Hardin deals with this twist, it will likely spell more drama between the couple. Hardin is one to lash out when he cannot deal with his feelings, and with the realization that his childhood was basically a lie, he’ll have a lot of emotions come to the forefront. Much of the After franchise has been about Hardin needing to accept himself for who he is and confront his deep-seated traumas and moving forward he will absolutely have to if he’s to live a happy life with Tessa. 

Tessa will likely find herself in the middle because she is close to Vance and Kim as both friends and work colleagues. Perhaps, this revelation will allow Vance to confront his past as he gets ready to share a child with Kim. Having Tessa as a resource could also allow Vance to better make amends with Hardin if it’s all done carefully. Tessa will be dealing with her new job, this situation and the realization in After We Fell that she may not be able to have children herself. Sheesh! 

Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin in After We Fell

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What’s Coming Following After We Fell 

The cast and crew have already filmed what’s next for Tessa and Hardin in an upcoming movie called After Ever Happy. The movie was filmed back-to-back with After We Fell with Castille Landon helming both movies. We’d imagine the movie will pick up right where this one leaves off and get into the fallout of the major twist. After Ever Happy is based on the last After novel by Anna Todd and will wrap up Tessa and Hardin’s love story. 

Following After Ever Happy, there are plans for the After series to continue in the form of a prequel about Hardin in his teen years and a sequel about a generation after Tessa and Hardin. We don’t expect Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin to return to these roles, a younger Hardin will likely be cast for the prequel and older versions of Tessa and Hardin are said to be cast for the sequel. 

We can look forward to After Ever Happy on September 7, 2022. Until then check out what other 2022 Netflix movies are on their way. 

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