After We Fell: Who Is The New Character With Josephine Langford’s Tessa In The Trailer?

Carter Jenkins as Robert in After We Fell trailer

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Josephine Langford and Hero Fiennes Tiffin’s time as Tessa and Hardin in the After film series is halfway over, and now it’s finally becoming real. The actors were the center of a brand new trailer for the third After movie, After We Fell, coming to theaters this fall. The fresh look at what’s next for the tumultuous romance teased more steamy moments and drama between the young lovers. Oh… and Tessa has another man looking her way too? Let’s talk about that.

The After We Fell trailer continues where After We Collided left off. Josephine Langford is trying to forward her publishing career with an opportunity in Seattle, and Hero Fiennes Tiffin’s bad boy character is challenging her decision. As the couple fight over their long-distance relationship, Tessa meets eyes with a new character played by Carter Jenkins.

Jenkins has been acting since he was a young boy and memorably starred as the love interest to Emma Roberts’ character in Valentine’s Day, the NBC series Surface and the 2009 film Aliens in the Attic. Will his mysterious character put a wrench in Tessa and Hardin’s relationship troubles as they face more disagreements? First off, check out the After We Fell trailer that premiered this week:

It looks like Carter Jenkins’ character could spell trouble for Hessa fans! While the trailer shows off the continued passion the couple have for each other into the third movie based on Anna Todd’s Wattpad novels, a charming waiter named Robert also seems to be on the menu for Tessa.

In the trailer, Tessa is seen sharing a drink with Robert at a bar and smiling in between her fights with Hardin. The two are also seen exchanging numbers as Hardin calls Tessa out on it, to which she responds is a “friend” to her. Hardin is quite worked up about the whole thing, blurting out that someone like Robert doesn’t want to be her friend. There’s also some brief shots snuck into the trailer of Tessa and Robert getting intimate as well. Whoa!

The character of Robert is, in fact, one that was written in Anna Todd’s books. In After We Fell, Tessa and Robert will form an instant connection and add a bit of spice and indecision to the couple’s life. Carter Jenkins is expected to appear in both After We Fell and After Ever Happy. Before Tessa and Hardin’s story comes to an end, it looks like he may be key to the couple making or breaking it.

After We Fell is set to come out on September 30, following new After director Castille Landon wrapping production on the third and fourth movie at the end of 2020. While we wait for After We Fell, the first two movies are streaming on Netflix.

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