As Rust Arbitration Continues, Alec Baldwin Is Returning To Acting

Alec Baldwin in Mission: Impossible: Fallout
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Last year, the untimely death of Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins saw the filming of that Alec Baldwin starring western halted in the name of an official investigation. Recent developments have seen many legal proceedings progressing in the matter, including an ongoing arbitration that revealed Baldwin didn’t even know he fired a live bullet on set. In the midst of these processes, the actor looks to be returning to acting, thanks to a pair of new projects. 

Thanks to information obtained by Deadline, it’s been revealed that Alec Baldwin and his brother William will be starring in two Christmas themed movies together. Both Billie’s Magic World and Kid Santa are currently filming in Rome, with Alec and William flying to Italy to be part of the live-action/animation hybrid projects. The Baldwins will be part of the live-action portions of those projects, presumably under the direction of Francesco Cinquemani.

Not much else is known about either Billie’s Magic World or Kid Santa at this point, though the titles do suggest some whimsical holiday adventures. Another point worthy of noting is that this is a continuation of Alec Baldwin’s recent run of family-friendly films. In addition to 2021’s sequel The Boss Baby: Back in Business, Baldwin also provided a voice for the 2020 movie Arctic Dogs

As filming on Rust has been suspended indefinitely, Alec Baldwin’s schedule has freed him up for other projects in the meantime. In terms of his professional career, this is a forward move to get back to making movies. The work could serve as a much needed distraction, as Baldwin is still the subject of other lawsuits connected to Rust’s tragic shooting-- the most recent of which was filed by Halyna Hutchins’ family

One would assume that the production of both Billie’s Magic World and Kid Santa wouldn’t interfere with the proceedings Alec Baldwin may currently be party to. This is especially important, as the Match Game host has already been accused of being non-compliant with certain aspects of this ongoing process. Then again, as both Alec and William Baldwin are only going to be involved in the more human based side of the equation, the shooting schedule for these projects may be shorter than one would think. 

While various litigations surrounding Rust’s production are still in process through various avenues, the public will eventually learn more about the story behind what really happened. As always, all anyone can hope for is a peaceful and righteous resolution through the fullest extent of the law, with the record standing clear once and for all. We’ll have to wait and see how it all turns out, as well as whether or not Rust is ever allowed to complete filming.

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