Ben Stiller Admits He’s Always Getting Mistaken For Adam Sandler, But Are They Really Celebrity Look-Alikes?

Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler standing together at a party in The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected).
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Between Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler’s combined careers, you’d probably be able to cover a lot of ground when it comes to the best romantic comedy movies, as well the best comedies in general, to have ever existed. While their distinct voices are hard to confuse, some people have apparently mistaken the two humor legends for each other in the wild. Which only makes us ask the question, are Stiller and Sandler really celebrity look-alikes?  

The matter was brought up during a recent interview with ET, which saw the Severance director showing up to celebrate the Murder Mystery 2 actor’s receipt of the Mark Twain Prize. Ben Stiller praised Adam Sandler’s gifts as a comedic artist, while also sharing the story about their mutual mixups. The latter portion of discussion led Stiller to tell this story: 

We also always get mistaken for each other all the time. So, just like, in life, it’s always like, ‘Yo, Sandler!’ So we’re like sending each other videos of people like going like, ‘Hey, Adam, I love you. Thank you!’

While both men were swimming in the same circles when it came to big ticket ‘90s comedies, it’s honestly surprising that one would mistake Mr. Stiller for Mr. Sandler. Making this story even funnier is the fact that Ben Stiller has already made quite a few jokes in the past about being a celebrity lookalike for another big star. 

The big difference, as you’ll see in the comedy sketch provided below, is that the There’s Something About Mary actor has been confused for none other than his Tropic Thunder collaborator Tom Cruise. After watching (or revisiting) this bit of laughter from the past, you might not be able to unsee this very comparison for yourself: 

Even with the two starring together in one of the best Adam Sandler films, the ever classic Happy Gilmore, it’s still quite surprising to think that either of these men would be mistaken for each other. What isn’t mistakable, though, is their friendship and the respect for each other’s craft. As Ben Stiller praised Sandler’s work in the field of comedy, he offered this insightful bit of commentary that fit the night’s festivities:

I think his true self comes through in his work and who he is. Very honest, and in his comedy and his acting, he reveals himself. And I think people really appreciate that and connect with that.

Truth through their work is something that is definitely a common factor through both Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller’s careers. As their fans and detractors alike have subjective answers for what represents their respective high and low points, the arc of their careers are the closest the two talents will have to a look-alike contest. That’s not a knock on either camp, but rather a reinforcement that, at least in this author’s opinion, it’s pretty easy to tell these two jokers apart. 

Nowhere is that better represented than in their current projects, as Stiller’s duties on Severance will eventually see him working on Season 2. for a premiere date that still hasn’t materialized. Meanwhile, Adam Sandler’s return to a much more lighthearted affair has been seen in the trailer for Murder Mystery 2, which will be headed to those with a Netflix subscription starting March 31st. To see what else is on the movie menu throughout this year, the schedule of 2023 new movie releases awaits those who want to seek out such knowledge. 

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