Netflix’s Murder Mystery 2 Trailer Has Poor Jennifer Aniston Accidentally Murdering Someone With An Axe

Detective fiction is having a bit of a moment in pop culture right now, especially in the world of Netflix. Currently, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is holding court thanks to the 2023 Oscar nominations putting Rian Johnson’s whodunnit in the running for Best Adapted Screenplay. Now, the 2023 new movie releases will continue to keep that lucrative genre turning the gears for the streaming provider, as the trailer for Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston's Murder Mystery 2 is here.

The last time that Sandler's Nick and Aniston's Audrey Spitz went to a destination wedding, it cost some people their lives. That tradition seems to carry on in the first look at Netflix’s Murder Mystery 2, although with an added twist of intrigue. What starts out looking like the murder of their friend Maharajah Vikram (Adeel Akhtar) turns into a kidnapping caper that brings the Spitz' couple somewhere Audrey’s always wanted to go: Paris!

Cue even more car chases, explosions and people walking into exploded cars, only to be hit by garbage trucks on the way out. Not satisfied with just adding another murder to the mix, a kidnapping plot spices up Murder Mystery 2’s caper waiting to be solved. Which, despite Audrey Spitz’s sincere promises, will involve at least a couple of dead bodies on the pile.

With a new case comes new suspects and competing law enforcement agents to make it a sequel worth catching. Among the impressive Murder Mystery 2 cast assembled for this Adam Sandler movie are notables like Mèlanie Laurent of Inglorious Basterds fame, Shazam! and Sherlock Holmes veteran Mark Strong, and Jodie Turner-Smith, who was most recently seen in the Netflix film White Noise

One of 2019’s runaway hits on Netflix, Murder Mystery racked up millions of viewers when it debuted on the streaming platform. A sequel felt like a no-brainer at that point, even if world events would delay the production and release to this spring. It certainly looks like Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston haven’t lost a step in director Jeremy Garelick’s follow-up, as Nick and Audrey are just as goofy, yet effective returning to crime solving adventures, especially when you compare this to the trailer for the first Murder Mystery from almost three years ago:

Though now we’re curious as to when and why we’ll be seeing that strange jacket Aniston was wearing in the first look photo from Murder Mystery 2. Perhaps that is the true mystery at hand, as we await the sequel's March 31st release date. Just be sure you have a Netflix subscription, as that’s just as important as motive and opportunity when cracking this case. It’ll also let you watch the first Murder Mystery, should you have somehow missed out on the previous film.

Mike Reyes
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