Bruce Willis' Wife Emma Heming Begged Paparazzi To Stop Hollering At Him In Public

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming in chila in 2019
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Being a famous actor is a dream for many people out there, who imagine what life might be with fame and fortune. But there is definitely a downside to this notoriety, especially when dealing with personal struggles like a divorces or health issues. Those close to legendary actor Bruce Willis likely know this all too well, as they're dealing with his dementia diagnosis, and just how invested the public is in the situation. The actor's wife Emma Heming Willis recently begged paparazzi to stop hollering at him in public. And yes, there's video.

Given how long Bruce Willis has been a movie star, he's got generations of fans who were shocked upon learning about his aphasia diagnosis and prompt retirement from acting. We are given occasional update about the 67 year-old actor thanks to his loved ones, including wife Emma Heming Willis. Most recently she took to Instagram, pleading for paparazzi to give the family some space, and therefore ensure Bruce Willis' safety when out and about. In her words: 

It's clear that there's still a lot of education that needs to be put forth. So this one is going out to the photographers and the video people that are trying to get those exclusives of my husband out and about: Just keep your space. I know this is your job, but maybe just keep your space. For the video people, please don't be yelling at my husband asking him how he's doing or whatever — the woohoo-ing and the yippee ki yays just don't do it. OK? Give him his space. Allow for our family or whoever's with him that day to be able to get him from point A to point B safely. That’s my PSA

There you have it. While Emma Heming seems to understand that paparazzi are doing their job, she wants to ensure her husband remains as safe as possible. And in order to do so, she needs said photographers to stop calling out to Bruce Willis when he steps out in public. Given the fact that he's struggling with dementia, this makes a great deal of sense. He might not always understand why so many people are always taking his photo and shouting his name.

You can see Emma Heming Willis' full video below, courtesy of her personal Instagram account. Her followers have been steadily building, especially as the page has become a place for news about how Bruce Willis is feeling. Check out the full clip for yourself:

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This post has already gotten a ton of attention online, thanks to the public being so invested in Bruce Willis' health. The comments section is filled with encouraging messages, and those who are highlighting Emma Heming Willis' grace and commitment. This includes Tallulah Willis, who is the youngest of Bruce Willis' kids with Demi Moore. She commented a short but sweet message, which reads:

I love you so much. I see you.

Clearly it looks like Bruce Willis' loved ones are rallying together, and giving both the Die Hard actor and his wife support. While his dementia diagnosis is no doubt difficult for everyone involved, it's also commendable the way the entire mixed family has united for him. It might be a lesson for families who might have splintered at such daunting news.

Bruce Willis has a few more projects coming down the line which were filmed prior to his diagnosis being public. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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