Bruce Willis’ Wife Gets Candid About Dealing With Aphasia Months After The Actor’s Retirement From Acting Was Announced

Bruce Willis was once one of the world’s top actors, but now his career has come to an end. It was revealed back in March that the Die Hard star was being forced to retire following an aphasia diagnosis. The neurological disorder is going to likely mean that those taking care of Willis, like his wife, Emma Heming Willis, are going to have a tough time. But Heming Willis says she’s trying to take care of herself as well as the rest of her family.

Bruce Willis is going to need constant care due to his aphasia, and the couple also have two kids who aren’t even teenagers yet. Certainly, a lot is going to fall on Emma Heming Willis as a caretaker, but in a recent Instagram Story, Bruce Willis’ wife said that she is trying to make sure she doesn’t only take care of others. Namely because she knows in the long term it’s better for everybody that she does. Heming Willis said… 

When you put everyone's needs above your own, no one wins. I don't do this perfectly but I really am trying so I can be the best I can be for the people I love and adore.

It’s got to be difficult when you’re faced with the care of a loved one that you were not expecting. Most of us aren’t experts on neurological disorders, so there’s probably a lot to learn before you can even begin to care for a person going through this. Anybody who is willing to do this deserves praise at the very least.

And it’s understandable that a caretaker is going to need to put the needs of others before themselves a lot of the time, that is basically what it means. At the same time, if you run yourself ragged and never take time for yourself, eventually you will begin to do a worse job taking care of others. 

Fans and friends of Bruce Willis were certainly saddened to hear that the actor and his family were going through this. But while things are likely tough from time to time, Bruce Willis and his wife are still finding time together. Willis' aphasia makes speech difficult, so we may never be able to hear from him directly, but that doesn't mean he can't still enjoy the rest of his life. 

And if there’s a silver lining there, maybe it’s that Bruce Willis was probably never going to retire, but now he has a chance to spend time with his family, and while things may be hard, at least they’re together. And the rest of us still have great Bruce Willis movies so fans will never be without him either. 

Dirk Libbey
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