Bullet Train’s Brian Tyree Henry Hilariously Recalls Being Distracted By Brad Pitt’s ‘Beautiful’ Blonde Locks While Filming

Brad Pitt in Bullet Train.
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SPOILER WARNING: Not so fast! This article contains major spoilers for the film Bullet Train. If you haven’t seen the film, proceed with caution!

Full of profane British sass and creative violence that rivals one of Guy Ritchie's action films, Bullet Train seemingly has plenty of potential points of distraction for those who worked on the film. As far as one of the film’s stars Brian Tyree Henry goes, though, it was his co-star Brad Pitt who was the source of one hilarious distraction, and it wasn’t that skirt he wore to Bullet Train’s premiere. Apparently Pitt’s sandy locks were the source of some marvel for the Bullet Train cast, and I totally get it.

While you may not expect Brad Pitt’s hair to be such a source of distraction from just looking at it in the film’s kick ass trailer, where it’s messily tucked under a bucket hat for the majority, but that long mop of hair sees some serious action in Bullet Train. There’s one scene in particular where those strands of gold attached to the A-Listers head stole the show, and I’m totally talking about that slow-mo train wreck scene.

I may have admittedly drooled a little bit seeing Brad Pitt fly through the air in slow motion, but apparently Brian Tyree Henry was having some struggles containing himself while filming the scene as well. In an exclusive interview with Comic Book, Henry explains that seeing Pitt’s hair so perfect in the crash scene almost made him want to punch the actor in the face. Here it is, in his own words:

It's really, let me tell you something incredibly distracting, It's Brad Pitt's hair, It's really, it's really annoying. Like the very final part of the movie where we're in the train car together and you know, Aaron's character has smashed through the glass, we're supposed to be going like 200 something miles an hour and there's this wind fan that's just perfectly placed for Brad Pitt and so I would literally forget some of my cues because I'm so busy lost in this wheat blond, beautiful hair. And like he's so good at hair control that like he knew exactly when to whip it, and it just made me want to punch him in the face more, So like Brad Pitt's hair is distracting, like just know that it's another character in the movie, but it's, it's precious.

It sounds like Brian Tyree Henry has a real love/hate relationship with Brad Pitt’s hair. Honestly, it probably helped him get into character even more, because that’s kind of the relationship his character has with Pitt’s Ladybug. The two go back and forth with each other, having an amicable enemy type of relationship, interestingly enough in a way similar to how Henry speaks about his feelings regarding Pitt’s long locks.

Brad Pitt’s hair 100% should have gotten its own credits. The sandy locks must have been written into the script at least, because they changed frequently from scene to scene, and were a decent part of Pitt’s persona throughout the film. There’s a scene in which he puts his hair up to really, purposefully get into the action, and the visual change from him wearing his bucket hat to Pitt in full fight mode is disarming for sure.

Brain Tyree Henry’s character wasn’t without his own charms, though. His obsession with Thomas the Tank Engine and the reaction it evoked with the other characters was equal to, if not the superior of, Brad Pitt’s luscious mop of hair. 

If you haven’t yet seen the film and this all sounds a little strange to you, I totally get it. Bullet Train is an odd mix of characters with action and humor that critics have seemed to have some mixed feelings on, and that we have to say is a lot of chaotic fun. Bullet Train is unlike any of its fellow new release films of 2022, and you can check it and Brad Pitt’s distracting hair out for yourself in theaters now. 

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