Brad Pitt Shares Why A Skirt Was The Right Choice For The Bullet Train Red Carpet

Brad Pitt smiling at the premiere of Bullet Train
(Image credit: Photo by Gerald Matzka/Getty Images for Sony Pictures)

While men tend to look very dashing in their suit and tie at red carpet premieres, there’s been a new trend occurring in men’s fashions- rocking it out wearing a skirt. We can thank Harry Styles for this growing trend for pushing the boundaries with his bold gender neutral fashion statements during events and photo shoots. For the premiere of his new summer blockbuster Bullet Train, Brad Pitt is the next actor to follow the skirt-wearing trend, and here’s his excuse for choosing to wear one.

The Oscar-winning actor is all smiles at the Berlin red carpet premiere of Bullet Train. He may not be wearing a suit and tie, but he still made a bold fashion choice that can make anyone swoon. Pitt is seen flaunting his salmon button-up shirt, brown jacket, and brown skirt to match it. Take a look at the debonair actor in the photo below.

Brad Pitt on the red carpet of Bullet Train in a skirt

(Image credit: (Photo by Gerald Matzka/Getty Images for Sony Pictures))

In the summertime, it can feel a little humid for a man to be outside covered from head to toe. So, why not show off your class in a different way? After all, Oscar Issacs rocked a gray blazer and skirt combo at the Moon Knight premiere like a boss. It gave him the opportunity to show off those black leather combat boots. In fact, the Star Wars actor liked the look so much that he asked designer, Thom Browne, for another skirted ensemble. Maybe Brad Pitt will follow suit (or in this case, skirt) with all of the adoring fans praising the fashion choice. So, why the skirt? The 58-year-old actor described his answer in a twitter video for AP Entertainment in two words.

The breeze.

Enough said. With Brad Pitt kicking a lot of ass in the Bullet Train movie, he’s obviously gotta do the same thing at the film’s premiere. This new summer blockbuster is when a man wants to quit his work as an assassin, but gets pulled back in with a new job to retrieve a briefcase on a bullet train. Little does he know that there are a number of other assassins who are on the same mission. We can expect to see him do a number of his own stunts as well as raise a few laughs. If you want to get a chuckle of your own with Pitt’s breezy response about his skirt, take a look at the video below.

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With male entertainers slowly being brave enough to strut on a red carpet wearing a breezy skirt like Brad Pitt’s, a suit and tie can end up being a thing of the past. If you want to catch the Bullet Train film to see the snappy dresser, the 2022 release will zoom to theaters on August 5th. 

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