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Could Henry Cavill's Mission: Impossible Character Return? Here's What Christopher McQuarrie Says

Henry Cavill as August Walker in Mission: Impossible - Fallout
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You can’t keep a good IMF agent down, or a bad one for that matter. As the world continues to wait for Mission: Impossible 7 to start revealing its secrets, writer/director Christopher McQuarrie is staying busy in the realm of Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt. And if recent remarks are any indication, there’s a potential for Henry Cavill to return as the duplicitous August Walker, even if the events of Mission: Impossible - Fallout seem to suggest that as a feat that's pretty impossible.

Christopher McQuarrie’s Feelings On Henry Cavill’s Potential Return To Mission: Impossible

In a recent profile from THR, Henry Cavill’s career was covered in great detail, including what his intensity brought to the table of the sixth mission in Ethan Hunt’s espionage career. As the second film both written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie in that very run, his introduction of the meme-worthy turncoat was something that apparently left fans wanting more. So when asked whether or not Cavill’s character could return for a future Mission, Christopher McQuarrie’s final word was as follows: 

I’m in the process of rewriting Mission: 8 right now, this afternoon I could turn a page and any actor from the past could come back. There is no such thing as death in movies, only unavailability.

“Unavailability” is something that’s definitely plagued the twin sequels that McQuarrie signed on to tackle after the success of Mission: Impossible - Fallout. Mission: Impossible 7 alone had two major shakeups occur, as Henry Cavill’s on-screen boss Angela Bassett was unable to return to her role of Erika Sloane as planned. On top of that, Nicholas Hoult’s casting as the main villain had to be scrapped, as scheduling delays made him unavailable to remain on board the project. His recasting with actor Esai Morales, as well as Bassett’s unavailability crisis, both stemmed from the magical world of COVID-related restrictions and delays. 

But that’s not exactly the same sort of limitation that’s potentially holding back Henry Cavill from reloading his arms for another round in Mission: Impossible 8. While this isn’t the first time Mr. McQuarrie has teased of Cavill’s potential return, Fallout’s climactic third act resolution continues to make this scenario a difficult puzzle to assemble. It all comes down to a decision that Christopher McQuarrie still gets feedback on from the franchise’s fans, as he literally gave the hook to Cavill’s mustachioed baddie in the big finish.  

What Happened To Henry Cavill’s Mission: Impossible Fallout Character, And Why It’s A Problem

After being revealed to be the mysterious terrorist known as John Lark, Henry Cavill’s Mission: Impossible - Fallout character did something that was likely to get him killed: he crossed Ethan Hunt. Engaging in a cat and mouse game that included some helicopter assisted antics, it all leads the former allies to fist fight on a cliff in Kashmir. Hanging off of the side of said cliff, the foes try to make their way up a shaky cable, as they attempt to also knock their opponent to oblivion. Cue Cavill’s August Walker literally getting the hook, right to his face, in this totally awesome fight scene: 

No matter what it looks like in Mission: Impossible - Fallout’s knock-down, drag-out round of fisticuffs, Christopher McQuarrie’s totally in the right with what he’s said about a potential surprise lurking in Mission: Impossible 8. With the next film already in the can, and the writer/director tightening the seals on the next half of this two-part story, there’s certainly room for August Walker, Erika Sloane and any other long-absent face from Mission: Impossible’s past to return. Whoever shows up depends on the two things you can count on in show business: character popularity and availability.

Don’t fret if you’re looking to get a fresh gander at Henry Cavill in more recent projects. The Witcher Season 2 is currently available on Netflix, and at some point in 2022, Cavill will reunite with his Stardust director Matthew Vaughn to play another spy game in Argylle. Don’t forget to keep checking the 2022 release schedule in the hopes of finding out when you’ll be able to see that project unfold before your very eyes. 

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