Family Guy Pokes Fun At Disney's Toy Story 5 Announcement With A Throwback Clip

Someday Pixar’s Toy Story franchise will come to an end, but today is not that day. Fans generally felt that after Toy Story 3 the story of Buzz and Woody and the gang was over. Then we got Toy Story 4. Fans once again believed that we had seen the last of our friends, but that’s not the case. Toy Story 5 has now been confirmed, and one has to wonder what such a move will even be about. Well, Family Guy has an idea. 

Fox’s Family Guy, which has been around for so long now that it has probably done a cut-away gag making fun of every Disney movie in the last 100 years, decided to use the news of Toy Story 5 to dust off one of the show’s old jokes and posted to Twitter, claiming they had early footage of the film. And while I feel like Buzz sleeping with Bo Peep probably won’t be in the new movie, at this point, who even knows?

On Bob Iger’s first Disney Earnings Call since returning to the role of CEO he announced that, along with a reorganization of Disney’s corporate structure, that would return more control and responsibilities to the creatives within the company, there would be a renewed focus on Disney’s successful franchises. Along with Toy Story 5, Frozen 3 and Zootopia 2 were also confirmed as future projects. 

At this point, we have no idea what the story of Toy Story 5 will actually be. Tim Allen has confirmed that he will return to voice Buzz Lightyear (the toy, not the movie character the toy was based on), and in his confirmation, he seems to imply that Woody, and therefore Tom Hanks, will also be back, but that’s far from clear. Toy Story 4 saw Woody stay with Bo Peep and leave the rest of the characters. While it’s certainly possible they could cross paths again, it’s also possible Toy Story 5 will follow the rest of the toys and deal with how they respond without Woody.

Back when Toy Story 4 was being released the producers made it clear that, like Toy Story 3, the ending of Toy Story 4 was such that it would be a satisfying conclusion to the franchise if it ended up being that, but if a good idea for Toy Story 5 came along, such a film was absolutely possible. While several “Untitled Pixar Movies” are currently on the slate of Upcoming Disney Movies, we have no idea which one, if any holds the future release date for Toy Story 5, as such, it could be several years before we know what the film will be about. Probably not toy sex though. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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