Tim Allen Responds After Disney Officially Announces Toy Story 5 Will Go To Infinity And Beyond

Buzz Lightyear himself has reacted to the news that the Toy Story franchise will continue to go “to infinity and beyond” following the announcement that a fifth movie is on its way. That’s right, Disney announced a slate of sequels including Toy Story 5, Frozen 3, and Zootopia 2. So, in celebration of going back to the world of toys, Tim Allen has posted about how excited he is to be voicing the iconic space ranger again. 

Allen, who has been playing Lightyear since 1995, posted an excited tweet when the Toy Story 5 news was announced. He noted that he’d be seeing his pal Tom Hanks as Woody soon, and added a photo of Andy’s legendary birthday gift:

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I know I’m super excited to see Allen and Hanks back at it again as our favorite animated cowboy and astronaut. However, I have to admit I’m a little shocked, considering the ending of Toy Story 4, it seemed like the toys had gone their separate ways. However, with this announcement and Allen noting he’d be seeing his pal soon, clearly, these two are inseparable and will be on another adventure again in the coming years. 

This news comes after rumors swirled that Toy Story 5 might be happening. Hanks seemed to dispel the rumor, saying that since he and Allen have worked together for decades they are pals and get lunch together sometimes. Well, that meal may have just been a meal, but the rumor proved to be true as Disney announced their slate of upcoming sequels. 

Along with Tim Allen and Tom Hanks, I’m curious to see what other cast members will join the OG toys. I’d imagine we’ll see the return of Annie Potts' Bo Peep, as well as other classic toys like Joan Cusack's Jessie and Wallace Shawn's Rex. Who knows, maybe some of the newer additions like Keanu Reeves’ Duke Caboom as well as Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peeles’ Ducky and Bunny will also make a comeback. 

The announcement of Toy Story 5, comes about six months after the release of Lightyear, where Chris Evans voiced the iconic character. While that was Buzz’s origin story, and we got to see the movie that inspired the toy, it will be fun to see Allen back as the confident space cadet, hopefully reliving some of his best Buzz Lightyear moments

While I can’t wait to see what Buzz and Woody get up to next in Toy Story 5, we’ll likely have to wait quite a while before we see our favorite toys back in action. So, in the meantime, you can watch the first four Toy Story movies with a Disney+ subscription, and be sure to stay tuned to the 2023 movie schedule for other Pixar films coming out this year. 

Riley Utley
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