Fans Are Super Pumped As Disneyland Resort Brings Back Not One But Three Popular Events

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Slowly but surely theme parks have been returning to normal and while it might seem like things are back to the way they once were, there are still a few things that have been missing, even close to two years later. But one of those things fans have been missing is now set to return in 2022, as Disneyland’s After Dark events are coming back for three special events.

We’ll see the return of Sweethearts Nite, Villains Nite, and Star Wars Nite in 2022. The first and last event will take place at Disneyland park while Villains Nite will take place at Disney California Adventure, and theme park fans are certainly getting excited to see these events return 

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The After Dark events see the respective theme parks close early to the general crowds and only those who purchase tickets for the special events get to be inside. This is especially nice for many guests as there had been events planned for 2020 that never took place because the parks closed. Many likely simply got refunds on their unused tickets, but if you held on to yours, it will be honored on one of the nights in 2022. 

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Each event will take place on multiple nights, so there should be plenty of opportunity for those who want to attend to be able to do so without fear of it selling out. However, there will be some nights that cost a little more. Star Wars Nite on May 27, during Star Wars Celebration will cost a bit more. A lot of people don’t seem to mind.  

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These events end up costing a bit more than a standard ticket, for fewer hours of park time, but they also include smaller crowds, and often include things like special food items and unique characters you won’t see on a normal day, which makes them worth the cost for many. 

The After Dark events that have been announced only run through about the first half of 2022, so there’s a pretty good chance we’ll see even more of them before the year is up. While the latter portion of the year is always full of late night events for Halloween and Christmas, we’ll probably see something else happening in the summer as well. 

Things still aren’t normal at Disneyland. Honestly, based on what was considered normal before the pandemic, it’s possible things will never actually be normal again. Too many permanent changes have taken place which look to be transforming Disneyland Resort. But still, these events are popular with fans and they’ll likely be popular again from those who are just glad to be able to do something like this again.  Tickets go on sale for Sweethearts Nite on December 9 and for the other two events January 11.

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