Fast And Furious’ Tyrese Gibson Responds After Jason Momoa Joins The ‘Family’

The next entry in the Fast & Furious franchise will be, as far as we're aware, the end. Or more specifically, the next two entries, since Fast & Furious 10 is set to be split into two films. It will mark the end of an era for the “family” but before they drive off into the sunset, they’ll bring at least one more big name along for the ride. It was recently revealed that Jason Momoa is likely joining the franchise, and Tyrese Gibson for one couldn’t be happier.

While the official word is only that Jason Momoa is “in talks” to join the next Fast & Furious movie, when news of those things leak, that frequently means that agreements are close to being signed and that there are just details to work out. It’s possible things could still fall through, but that seems unlikely. And Jason Momoa has at least one current member of the franchise in his corner, as Tyrese Gibson is already welcoming Momoa to the family, 

Of course, Jason Momoa is only looking like he’ll be joining the family in the broadest sense, as the current reports indicate he’s joining Fast & Furious 10 to play the movie’s villain, or more specifically one of them. One assumes Charlize Theron’s Cipher, who has survived the last couple movies, and is set to get her own spinoff, will be back once again to try and take down Dom and company. 

Of course, with two movies left to be made at least, the possibility still exists that we could see Momoa’s character, whoever it is, start out in the next movie as a villain and become a member of the team in the final installment. That’s what happened with Jason Statham’s character, and sort of happened with Luke Evans as well. F9 teased that John Cena’s character might join the heroes before that movie even ended, so it’s possible the same could happen here.

The addition of Jason Momoa certainly makes for a star studded film, since we’re largely expecting that most everybody else who has been part of the franchise previously will be back. At this point the only actors who seem to be off the table are Dwayne Johnson, who has stated quite plainly that he won’t be back, and Gal Gadot, whose character Gisele appears to be the Uncle Ben of the Fast & Furious universe, the one character who is not allowed to be brought back to life. 

With F9 being one of the biggest movies of 2021 despite the pandemic issues, Fast and Furious 10 is set to be a massive film when part one drops in May of 2023. Filming is expected to begin soon.  

Dirk Libbey
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