Godzilla Vs. Kong’s MonsterVerse Sequel Is Officially Happening, And Filming Soon

Kong punching Gidzilla
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Godzilla vs. Kong was a solid hit despite coming out in March 2021, one of the first big name movies to be released in theaters at all following pandemic closures. The Legendary MonsterVerse as a whole has been one of the more successful cinematic universe to come along outside of the MCU, and so it's maybe not surprising that a fifth movie in the franchise is on the way, but what is surprising is how close it actually is.

No sequel to Godzilla Vs. Kong has been officially announced, but the movie is apparently coming, and it's getting ready to start filming in Australia in the near future. Deadline reports cameras expect to begin shooting later this year on the Gold Coast. The news comes from government organization Screen Queensland.

With filming beginning later this year we could see this fifth entry in the MonsterVerse as early as the summer of 2023, which is wild considering we know essentially nothing about the movie right now. It has no title, it has no director officially attached and we don't know who will be starring in it, or even when in the timeline it may take place. There were rumors last year that Son of Kong was perhaps in the works, but that was never conformed.

There have been hints recently that something new might be on the way in the MonserVerse. Though, admittedly the references have been vague. There is a planned live-action series set for Apple TV+ that will tie into the universe, though based on what we know that one will take place in the world where monsters exist, but may not actually have many monsters itself. 

Director Adam Wingard, who helmed Godzilla Vs. Kong, had previously expressed interest in the future of the MonserVerse, but whether he is returning to direct this film is unclear. He's become a pretty popular director since the last movie came out and has more than one major project already on the horizon. Writer Max Borenstein who has been involved in the story of every MonsterVerse movie from Godzilla to Godzilla Vs. Kong has said he has ideas for where this story could go, but it's unclear if he's attached to this new idea. 

It's not often that we learn that movies are planning to film before we even know for sure that the movie exists. Still, "later this year" covers a lot of ground so there is plenty of time for details to come out before production actually begins. And with the fact that this news is out in the world now, there's a good chance we'll get more answers soon. Fans will certainly be getting very excited to learn that there will be another movie in this franchise. Will it be focused on Kong? Will it explore the hollow earth? We'll have to wait and see.

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