Keke Palmer Shares Thoughts On Possibly Joining The MCU After Fans Campaign For Her To Play Rogue In X-Men Reboot

Keke Palmer in Nope with Daniel Kaluuya
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While it feels like just about every great actor is snatching up a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there are numerous talents who feel like they’d be a great fit for the superhero world, but have yet to be cast in a role. Within the past month, fans have been getting behind the idea of Nope star Keke Palmer being part of the new X-Men as Rogue. What does the actress think of the fan cast? 

Keke Palmer previously commented ”come on agentttttttt” to a viral TikTok that made the case as to why she should play Rogue in the MCU’s X-Men. When she recently asked about it, Palmer shared more of her thoughts on possibly joining the world of Marvel: 

Absolutely! I mean, I love Marvel, I love Disney, I love what they do, in terms of just how big and massive those films are. All the action! And I've never done anything like that or experienced it, so I'd love to just take part and see what they got over there.

Keke Palmer has been working in Hollywood for nearly 20 years already, but this year has been especially big for her as she starred in two high-profile 2022 movie releases: Jordan Peele’s sci-fi thriller Nope and Pixar’s Toy Story spinoff Lightyear. As the 29-year-old actress shared with ET, she’s a big fan of Marvel and Disney movies, and she would love to be part of the former universe. 

As Palmer also pointed out, she has yet to really do many big budget films during her career. Despite being in the industry since she was a kid, some people have deemed Nope her breakout role. Her performance in the Jordan Peele film is definitely her most high-profile and hopefully paves the way to more roles, including massive ones like in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  


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The TikTok that went around in September (seen above) involved one fan sharing that he thinks Keke Palmer would be perfect as Rogue due to her presence as a performer and infectious personality, following other people simply going for Black Marvel and DC characters she may resemble. Rogue was previously played by Anna Paquin in the original X-Men movies, but there’s a side of rebelliousness and sarcasm we’ve yet to see on screen from the comic book character. Hey, Palmer and fans sound on board, so where does she sign? 

For now, we’ve yet to get a clear picture about how the X-Men will arrive to the MCU following Fox ending its 13 movie saga with a bit of a whimper with the disappointing releases of X-Men: Dark Phoenix and The New Mutants. The next development in the return of X-Men will perhaps be in Deadpool 3, as it was recently announced that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will return for one last time (again). 

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