Lance Bass Deletes TikTok Mocking Amber Heard And Johnny Depp Trial Following Backlash

Lance Bass on NBC News and Amber Heard in Aquaman
(Image credit: NBC News / Warner Bros)

Johnny Depp’s $50 million defamation trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard has continued this week with the Aquaman actress being cross-examined on the stand by Depp’s legal team. As the legal saga continues, former *NSYNC member Lance Bass decided to go on TikTok to parody Heard on Tuesday, and after the video went viral, he delete it after receiving backlash. 

The now-deleted TikTok video includes the audio of a portion of the trial where Amber Heard is allegedly recounting the moment Johnny Depp first struck her (via PageSix). Lance Bass dramatically falls on a couch and to the floor as the text of the video read “reenacting Amber Heard’s testimony.” Here is the words from the audio Heard said in court that were in the background of the TikTok video he made light of:  

I lose my balance. At this point, we’re sitting next to each other on the edge of the couch. I was on the edge of the couch. I was just sitting there on this carpet, looking at the dirty carpet, wondering how I wound up on this carpet and why I never noticed that the carpet was so filthy before and I didn’t know what else to do or say. I didn’t know how to react.

Lance Bass captioned the video, seemingly taken in his living room, with “In honor of the trial starting back up…Had 👏 to 👏 do 👏 it.” Out of context, one might perceive the moment as comical, but as internet users shared with Lance Bass in the viral backlash, despite anyone’s personal opinion of who is telling the truth or winning in the case, he is making fun of some serious allegations of assault and sexual abuse within Amber Heard's marriage to Johnny Depp. 

The singer is also part of a large community of TikTokers who are mocking and even dancing to segments of Heard’s testimony, leading the trial to trend on the social media platform. TikTok has reportedly removed numerous videos about the Johnny Depp defamation trial due to it violating anti-bullying policies, per Variety

Depp’s defamation trial is in response to Amber Heard’s 2018 Washington Post op-ed where she alleged being in an abusive relationship. Even though Johnny Depp’s name is not in the article itself, he claims the piece led to a downfall within his career, including the actor being removed from the Fantastic Beasts franchise and replaced by Mads Mikkelsen. Recently, Depp alleged that Heard wrote the op-ed to sell more Aquaman tickets. The Mera actress has refuted those claims, along with saying that much of her role in the upcoming Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom was removed.

This week, Depp’s legal team has been cross-examining Heard’s recent testimony, which includes claims of physical abuse at the hands of Johnny Depp. The actress even said whole on the stand that she believes the Pirates of the Caribbean actor “tried to kill” her. We will keep you updated here on CinemaBlend as the high-profile trial progresses. 

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