Mad Max: Fury Road Throwback Shows Charlize Theron And Tom Hardy Meeting (Before All The On Set Drama)

Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy in Fury Road
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Certain action movies stand out as the best the genre has to offer, and George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road is definitely in that category. But despite how universally acclaimed the 2015 apocalyptic drama was, the movie is also known for its drama on set, especially the feud between its two stars. And a Fury Road throwback shows Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy meeting before the infamous drama began.

The feud shared between Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy during their time filming Mad Max: Fury Road has been reported plenty of times in the years since its release. The harsh conditions of the desert set likely didn’t help the situation, with the two actors eventually clashing in front of the cast and crew as a result of scheduling disagreements. But we can see what it was like in lighter days, where Theron and Hardy were still auditioning to play their Mad Max roles. Check it out below, thanks to the Twitter of journalist/author Kyle Buchanan. 

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Drama aside, you can’t deny that Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron make a handsome pair of protagonists. Clearly this audition went well, and they’d eventually share a ton of scenes throughout the runtime of Mad Max: Fury Road. Their chemistry in the movie was great, even if things were tense throughout filming George Miller’s action masterpiece. 

Kyle Buchanan got his hands on a number of photos from the auditions for Mad Max: Fury Road, as he’s written his own book about the movie’s production. The book itself has already turned a few heads, as the reports about Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy’s issues regularly go viral. And it’s fascinating to see two A-listers in the time before the infamous feud began.

Of course, it’s important to note that there’s no more ill-will shared between the two stars of Mad Max: Fury Road. Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy found common ground before filming had concluded, and have both admitted fault in their former feud. Although given this new book about the movie’s production, smart money says they’ll be asked about the situation during upcoming interviews.

Filmmaker George Miller will once again dive back into the Mad Max world with the upcoming movie Furiosa. The developing blockbuster will serve as a prequel to Fury Road, and provide an origin story for Charlize Theron’s character. But unfortunately the Oscar-winning actress won’t be in the role, with that honor going to Anya Taylor-Joy, who is ready to tackle the gig. Theron admitted she was disappointed to not getting the opportunity to reprise that iconic femme fatale. 

Furiosa is currently expected to arrive in theaters May 24th, 2024 although filming has not begun. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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