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Michael Bay Reveals He Made One Mistake After Bad Boys: 'Boy, Was I Stupid'

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in Bad Boys
(Image credit: Columbia)

Micheal Bay has directed some of the most influential action blockbusters of all time, from Armageddon (starring Bruce Willis) to the Transformers movies. But of course, his breakthrough feature was 1995's Bad Boys. The buddy cop flick had iconic written all over it, and it proved that lead actors Will Smith and Martin Lawrence could hang with the genre's greats. The film was especially a launching pad for Smith, and Bay takes credit for making him a true movie star. Smith's Mike Lowry would instantly become one of cinema's coolest characters, with his style and love of cool cars. On that note, Bay has now revealed the "stupid" mistake he made after making the film -- and it relates to the movie's awesome vehicle.

Believe it or not, the classic 1994 Porsche 911 Turbo that Will Smith whips around in Bad Boys was actually Michael Bay’s personal vehicle. Interestingly, he revealed on Instagram that he made a major decision related to the car that he really seems to regret. And to be quite honest, I'm truly surprised that he did this. Check out the truly shocking post for yourself down below:

So the director says that he sold the car to a friend for a modest fee at the time but that the price tag for the car today is over $1 million. I mean, he didn’t think the vehicle would become as popular as it did. Though I'm honestly not surprised that ended up being the case. The sweet ride is such a big part of Mike Lowry's vibe and became iconic due greatly to the classic drag race at the end of the film. If I were the filmmaker, I would've been kicking myself even before learning the value of the car. Because let's be honest, it's just too cool of an item to sell regardless.

Michael Bay has featured some seriously sweet cars in his films. (Looking at the Camaro from 2007's Transformers.) 2003's Bad Boys II would feature an even more expensive Porsche and up the action even more from the original. Of course, the franchise is still going strong, with the release of Bad Boys For Life in 2020 and a fourth movie reportedly on the way

Michael Bay may have relinquished directing duties for the third film, but he was still very hands-on in making the movie. And ultimately, it managed to maintain his style. He actually made a really cool cameo in the latest film and directed a scene that features one of the patented 360-degree shots he puts in every movie. So Porshe or not, Bay will always be linked to the iconic film franchise.

The director's next film Ambulance, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, looks intense and has all the trademark flourishes the filmmaker is known for. The movie is set to release on Netflix on April 8, and I can't wait to see the high-octane action that's sure to come with it!

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